What awaits us at the end of summer in Zagreb!

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Author: Matina Tenžera

The city is reawakening, and with it, amenities throughout the city's beautiful locations

Zagreb is the law. Summer in Zagreb is the same. In the second half of the summer season, a new set of city events starts, and so you don't miss any of them, here's a list.


Over four days and five locations, acrobats from all over the world will once again brighten up Zagreb. This oldest street festival in Zagreb will easily include both young and old, and this year's novelty is that one of the locations where the programs will be held is the old Vlaška , which was recently converted into a pedestrian zone.


carpet around

On the weekend, you will surely wander around the city. Well, while you're already wandering, party with one of the art installations that will beautify city locations this summer as part of the OKOLO project. The experiences of passers-by so far are almost exclusively positive , as the installations are very pleasing to the eye, but also carefully placed to fit naturally into the city space. In addition, each of the installations carries a message or a story for which it was created.


Realistically, if you know what Mali picnic is and if you have attended at least one of its editions, you know what awaits you at the same place when Le Grič starts. There are still two dates left for this season (two Saturdays) when you can see with your own eyes, ears and taste buds what romance looks like in Upper Town.


Motovun Film Festival

It's no secret that the Divanovci are big fans of the Motovun film festival. Happiness is all the greater when Motovun arrives in Zagreb! Traditionally, a post-festival party awaits you this year in Lauba at the end of August with selected film delicacies . Which will be shown daily until September 4! Who misses… it's better not to say what it is. 😀


locker room

If you have children, from August 26 you have no problems – the kids are happy at Bundek and the new ZGodionica, and you are with them. The program is still waiting, but you know it will be colorful, fun and all day long. Enough for us!


A most unusual garden

We recently included A most unusual garden in the list of places with the most beautiful views in the city