What is a purger burger?



Author: Matina Tenžera

The latest brainchild from Instafood, of course

Instafood, a restaurant from Zagreb's Kajzerica, has recently become a real viral hit in Croatia and neighboring countries. Domagoj Delač , the owner of this imaginative restaurant, then invented the Croatian version of kebabs and called them minced meat . The action resonated with the media from the entire region, after which the team rushed en masse to taste this gastronomic miracle. After joking with Bosnia's neighbors, the Instafood team turned the joke on our account as well. Namely, now they claim to have the most Zagreb burger – PURGER!

Yum, tell me more?

purger burger instafood

In fact, the name PURGER came as an abbreviation of "burger in panuco pastry". This is the latest dish from the offer, created as an evolution of the Zagreb burger. Delač claims that in the whole story, apart from good taste, there is an additional explanation:

“Through a conversation with our guests, we came to the conclusion that, in this age when everyone is careful about their carbohydrate intake, the ideal burger would be one with fewer pastries and more meat. Although this has not been a problem with us before because we have 180-gram burgers with lots of sauce and salads, we still decided to try one idea that came to mind. Namely, instead of big pastries, we decided to put all the ingredients in panuco – our freshly baked pizza (napoletana) dough that is slightly thinner, but fine, warm, crunchy and juicy, "he said.

Purger includes onion rings, pickles, hambi sauce, aioli sauce, Emmentaler cheese, lettuce, 180-gram burger and crispy bacon. All this will cost you 49 kuna.

instafood space

I'm reserving a place

To remind you, Instafood, in addition to Purger, also offers famous grinders, as well as other burgers and pizzas . In addition to the indoor space, there is a terrace, and next to the restaurant there is free parking.

It is a friendly suggestion to book a place or at least check if there are free seats before heading to Kajzerica because we passed by spontaneously – we kissed the door. 😉