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Author: Ria Beglerbegović

Samobor cream cheese has become a protected intangible cultural asset

These days, Samobor cream cheese is legally protected as an autochthonous Samobor or Croatian brand. The queen of all cakes, that's how she is beaten in Samobor. One of the symbols and the first association with Samobor in Croatia and abroad. It is a dessert that makes everyone always happy to come and it is almost unthinkable for someone to visit Samobor and not try a nice light yellowish cream between the crispy puff pastry. Because of her, they are waiting in line. It is brought home as a souvenir from Samobor, even if it has cooled down on the way. There are several recipes for this cake, but Samobor cream cheese is unique because of its preparation, but the Samobor ambience that should be enjoyed. But don't despair if you don't get to Samobor every now and then for cream cheese, we found the best cream cheese in Zagreb that you can enjoy right after work!


Cream the sugar

The basic idea in Cukeraj is that the cakes should be the same as we make at home, without confectionery artificial creams and powders. This means that their cakes are a bit more expensive to produce, but they didn’t want to sacrifice their basic idea – homemade cakes! Their custards are also known in Japan because they were listed in their tourist guide as the best custards in Zagreb. You can try these custards at one of the 3 locations in Zagreb: Pakoštanska 12, Petrinjska 61, Gajeva 4.

Price of cream cheese: 12 kn

Confectionery Jakšić

Kremšnita Confectionery Jakšić

The small confectionery Jakšić is an indispensable symbol on the sweet map of Zagreb. It is a place that the locals adore and gladly return to, while tourists come to pick up the finest traditional desserts. The Jakšić family has been in the confectionery business since 1936, thanks to the grandfather of the current owner. It has always been located in the same location, at 30 Kralja Zvonimira Street, and the offer of sweets is very similar to the one from the beginning of the confectionery story of the Jakšić family.

Price of cream cheese: 10 kn

Confectionery Orient

Orient Kremšnita

People have been coming to the Orient for cream cheese, cheese and tea pastries from the very beginning. At the addresses Petrinjska 2 and Maksimirska 34 you can try their cream puffs that work alone from A to Z. And if you want to try making cream cheese yourself like in the Orient, be sure to check out their video recipe.

Price of cream cheese: 10 kn

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