This is not an Advent gastro guide

Author: Matina Tenžera

Realistically, everyone already knows where to eat this Advent well. Let us look back at those who have remained somewhat forgotten

We will not take you through gastro Advent because we do not have anything special to take you through this year. I believe you have already been to Advent sites and read some journalistic reviews or at least comments from people who go from portal to portal, from publication to publication. The offer is more than that, so…. modest. And prices never again.

Marin Medak and his Rougemarina are the king of this year's Advent with nine Advent houses. Fuliranje again has a spectacular offer of food and booze . It's expensive, but worth it. Thumbs up for the women's culinary reinforcement this year – Ivana Bekavac, who successfully runs the Kut restaurant in Varšavska Street, and Ana Grgić Tomić , otherwise a chef at the Esplanade Hotel.

And now comes the most interesting part

But let us look back at those who have remained somewhat forgotten. For a start, we have prepared something for a revolted team that does not want to consume anything from Advent houses due to prices, crowds and modest offers.

Ladies and gentlemen – make a cheap and tasty meal for yourself and your friends at home – sauerkraut and meatballs with mustard in naan!

The idea was to put together something that we use in the kitchen every week, and for which we don't need a lot of time, nor too much effort, let alone money. And so we came to Indian thin bread better known as naan. We put fresh sauerkraut with spices in it with meatballs divinely spiced with baharat and chili. And as a sugar at the end they added fig mustard so that it would not be too dry.

Enjoy a delicious meal and feel free to send us a photo to see how it turned out.

Pull out of the center, this is your last chance

The good old creatives from Kajzerica, from Instafood , are following the trends again. After breaking up the region a few months ago with their millet, which is explained as a Croatian version of kebabs , they are now colorful. And they offered – a Christmas burger and a Christmas pizza !

christmas burger instafood

The burger includes brioche pastry, 180 gram beef, aioli sauce down, barbecue sauce up, grilled mushrooms, red peppers, silver onion, double crispy bacon, tomato, lettuce, double cheese and iceberg lettuce. This unique burger will cost you 59 kuna. As for pizza, there is a special Neapolitan dough, san marzano peeled tomatoes, mozzarella, homemade ham, mushrooms, corn, peppers, sweet pepperoni, sour cream and olives.

Not a bad combination, is it?

When we throw you around the city, let us drop you off to a place where you will be able to enjoy cultural events, which of course are not the subject of this text. This is Winter Tale, an adventure in front of The Garden Brewery on Žitnjak. Marco Palfi is waiting for you there. And all who follow his work know very well that man is willing and courageous to experiment with dishes from season to season. So this year too, winter dishes are packed in versions for outside, to take away, to smear now and immediately.

duck with palfi grinders

For example, slow-roasted duck in rolled dough, with cream of baked potatoes and spring onions, and green apple sauce