THE TRAIN IS BACK: Balkan Express is running again



Author: Matina Tenžera

An exciting restaurant experience awaits you at the West Station

Maybe this gastronomic witch has passed under your radar, but Balkan Express Zagreb is working again . After a break of several months, this train stops again at the West Station. Regional dishes are again on offer as a cross-section of what we love the most.

But this time, in addition to going to lunch or dinner on the train, you can also organize all kinds of events. And even buy a gift certificate to give someone else an unforgettable experience.

Because a meal at Balkan Express is truly a full-fledged restaurant experience due to the environment in which the food is prepared, served and consumed. The train also has a terrace, so you don't even have to sit inside. They also have cabins where you can rest after a nap. But let's not wait any longer – Balkan Express Zagreb has opened its doors again for all visitors, and we'll talk about flavors and tastes – another time 🙂

balkan express menu 1

balkan express menu 2