An evening with Cohen for the end of August on the summer terrace of Boogaloo!

Author: Matina Tenžera

Hommage by Maja Posavec and Ivan Kapec to the Canadian "artist of love and death".

The evening with Cohen is a kind of homage of Maja Posavec and Ivan Kapec to this never regretted Canadian "artist of love and death". This concept has gained exceptional popularity outside of Croatia, so in addition to Klović's palaces , Kerempuh Theater , Rijeka and twice Sax , concerts in Sarajevo and Mostar were also sold out. On this occasion, on Monday, August 31, on the summer terrace of the Zagreb club Boogaloo , they are joined by an accompanying band that the audience could see for the first time at last year's big concert in Kerempuh.

An evening with Cohen is more of an interpretation than a regular concert

Largely inspired by the album "Famous Blue Raincoat" by Jennifer Warnes, which in 1987 treated Cohen's songs in its own specific way, and in the 70's and 80's was his backing vocals at concerts. Maja and Ivan, this time with the help of the whole band, will interpret all of Leonard's other timeless hits, and a special note is given by Maja's recitals of Cohen's songs in Croatian.

Tickets can be purchased at the pre-sale price of 100 kuna in the Dirty Old Shop (+ online shop ) and in Boogaloo during the club's working hours. If they remain, they will cost 120 kuna a day.

IMPORTANT: the concert is of a sitting character. Due to the health care of all visitors, all epidemiological recommendations will be followed, and at the entrance on the day of the concert, temperatures will be used to measure the temperatures of each visitor with a non-contact digital thermometer, with mandatory hand disinfection.