A series of great concerts in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts!



Author: Matina Tenžera

From 23.9. to 1.10. don't miss the concerts of local musicians!

A series of concerts will be held in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts (Ilica 85) at the end of September. All performances will be limited to only 400 visitors, in compliance with all current epidemiological measures and recommendations.

JR August & Mary May

The first concert in the courtyard of the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts is a joint performance by JR August and Mary May, and is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23. Tickets are on presale at a price of 70 kn, or 90 kn on the day of the concert.

JR August is our prominent singer-songwriter and producer from Zabok, the current owner of Porin, RockOff and Music Pub for the best album of 2019. His masterpiece “Dangerous Waters” literally knocked the domestic and regional audiences and the media off their feet like few before him, despite the fact that JR creates in English. This is the crown of the career of this exceptional musician so far, who was first heard more when Coldplay presented his single "Man With The Magnificent Mind" on his website.

JR’s fantastic live will ideally agree with Mary May who was both authorially and discographically active in the troubled 2020s. One of our strongest singer-songwriters has released the live album “Things You Can’t Put Your Finger On / Live,” a live version of her highly acclaimed debut. In late June, Mary released the single “The Land Of The Free” a work inspired by racial riots in America.

Tram 11 & Livestock

Two cult names of the domestic hip hop scene, Tram 11 and Stoka, arrive on Thursday, September 24 for a special co-headline performance. Tickets are on presale at a price of 80 kn.

Since their great return to the scene in 2017, Tram 11 has kept the rhythm of both concerts and releases, so after a live album from the mythical concert at the House of Sports at the end of July, they released the single "Jebo sliku svoju". It is the announcement of a new studio album, the first in less than two decades.

Stoka, one of the biggest MCs in this area, is also extremely active in terms of discography. He also presented a new song at the end of July, a collaboration with Baby Dooks "Charm of the Cavalier". It is a touching dedication to Zagreb, an almost constant theme of Stoka's rhymes, but this time it is especially striking as a support to the city affected by the recent earthquakes. The joint performance of Trama and Stoke will be an opportunity to perform the great single "The Last Rapper in the City", which they released a year ago.

Josipa Lisac

At the intimate performance on Friday, September 25, in the beautiful ambience of the ALU courtyard, our greatest music artist will remind us of her rich catalog of songs and premiere her current single "Daleko" in Zagreb. This will be Josip's first Zagreb concert after Šalata, in July 2019, when she performed on a sold-out stage in the city center, in front of 4,500 people. Unfortunately, the global situation has resulted in her next concert being at only 10% capacity of Salata, which will most likely mean a quick sell-off as well.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at a cost of £ 160.


Dubrovnik pop rock group Silente will close a series of concerts organized by the LAA in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts. The band is coming to Ilica 85 on Thursday, October 1st.

Silente will perform in Zagreb for the first time after a sold-out concert at Vintage in January. This time, they are reinforced for the great success of the single "In the evening, hearts break", which brought them back to the top of the charts across the country for the past two months. With this song, they are announcing a new, fourth studio album that will be released in the spring of 2021, and until then they will present several more singles. The first of them arrives in October and will reunite Silente with the producer of their greatest hits, the award-winning Nikša Bratoš …