A new urban place for food has appeared in the center of Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

It opened a week ago and is an ideal place for a gablec or afterwork booze

Remember these two words – Revolution Zagreb. Although we noticed wandering downtown three weeks ago that the former Supercaffe in Preobraženska 3 has replaced a new place called Revolucija , it is not enough to say how surprised we were at the beginning of this week.

revolution zagreb

We peeked into the then still closed cafe with a questionnaire overhead. And imagine this madness – behind this bistro and cafe stands a team from the False Witness ! They directed us to two words – Revolution Zagreb. It is unclear to us why there are still so many low profiles in terms of spreading the word about this newly opened bar, however we will assume that this is also part of the revolution.

revolution zagreb

What is offered to you for your taste buds

This colorful little town inside and out, painted with graffiti, offers food and drink that you will no longer get in False Witness. For example, their pizzas have now found their place in the Revolution. In addition, numerous sandwiches, salads and toasts are offered. Anything that could satisfy those half hours for a gablec, but also something that can be eaten off your feet.

false witness pizza slavonska

In addition, we believe that the offer of cocktails will satisfy you, and there will be a regular assortment of drinks for the increasingly traditional. Hear the full offer:

Sandwiches Ham kulen Mortadella Vegetarian Panko chicken Beefsteak Pizzas White revolution (five types of cheese and white sauce) Meat revolution (ham, kulen, sausage, bacon) Truffle revolution Pizza toast Margarita Vesuvio Capriciosa Tuna Salads Beef steak with Chicken Fit

fake witness sandwiches

Two words – Revolution Zagreb!

With the predecessors of the Revolution, we were convinced that the location is more than convenient for everyday or at least weekend stay there solo or with a team. We will admit, we like this refreshment in the city – both because of the exterior and interior decoration, and because of the combination of food and drinks, which is why we can no longer talk only about the cafe.

After all, the prices are reasonable. Eh yes, and no less important is the service! The waiters were very accommodating and pleasant, but we will agree that maybe only we were very nice. Haha, bad joke. The waiter team was really in tune with the place – unobtrusive, yet memorable.

We also took a small Divanovac with us, who, of course, got hooked on the plush parts of the inventory. So the place is acceptable for both small and large. In delight and let us know what part of the Revolution you have bitten!