Live gigs started!



Author: Matina Tenžera

If there is no Judgment Day tomorrow, there will finally be live music. Something shy has started in recent days, but what is being prepared for us from the end of this month onwards is nothing more or less than ecstatic

Postokorona concerts. Honestly, we don’t know how to recognize which of all this is news. For us, any information about holding a live concert is very worth writing. Here, however, we will not bother you with measures because we brought the experience from the first such concert indoors a few days ago. Now we just want to leave you a gentle list of all the upcoming concerts we know about, and it is your duty to let us know about the ones you know about.

Postcorona concerts are also coming to the region

Okay, I guess the biggest music news these days is that the EXIT festival will still take place. Of course, we take this information with great hesitation, but the official announcement of the organizers is certainly a good start. Next week they announced the announcement of part of the performers, but you already know what number it is. And realistically, if local bands from the region came to play, the excitement would be at an equal peak.

“Entry to the festival will be allowed to anyone who has been vaccinated and who has survived the corona virus. All other visitors from Serbia and the world will be provided with a quick antigen test at very affordable prices, in a specially organized zone near the festival entrances, "said the mayor of Novi Sad.

The same team behind EXIT in Croatia is holding the Sea Star Festival. As things currently stand, it should take place from May 28-30 . Even better news except for the maintenance is that all the performers from last year’s delayed release have confirmed!

Listen to what is being prepared in Zagreb as early as this weekend

We should not be surprised that Natali Dizdar has sold out the first date of her concert, which will take place this Saturday (April 24) in Lauba. Therefore, an additional date was introduced for Sunday 25.4. However, in the magical courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ilica 85, more performers will play, some of whose names are already known.

Rundek sold out the first date of the concert within a day, so a new one was opened, and we expect something similar for Barrett. We will have to get used to the fact that it will be harder to get tickets in the coming months, but let us at least warm our hearts to the fact that the whole region will play instead of shouting.

And here is the list:

Rundek – Zagreb Goran Bare – Zagreb Nipplepeople – Rijeka Hladno pivo – Sibenik Josipa Lisac – Slavonski brod Jonathan – Samobor Pipsi – Sibenik and Zagreb Mary May – Samobor Silente – Sibenik

FOR all other concerts, a quick race to our Concerts section, which we diligently supplement day by day!