At the brandy and liqueur festival, the drink of a famous musician is presented



Author: Matina Tenžera

The ZGrappa festival takes place on October 13 and 14 in Boćarski dom

Let's go to the head. This weekend, on October 13 and 14, the first International Brandy and Liqueur Festival, ZGrappa, takes place.

In a recent interview , the mastermind behind this ongoing operation, Marin Levaj, revealed to us that Croats simply do not know how to drink brandies and liqueurs. In addition, he added that his goal with ZGrappa is to break the prejudices that are inevitably associated with this truly iconic drink of the Balkans (and not only Croatia). At ZGrappa, you will find brandy drinkers from the entire region, as well as some European countries. Along with the colorful offer of the highest quality brandies and liqueurs, the gastronomic part of the offer will also fit in.

Because, as Levaj beautifully taught us, drinking these drinks should not go without food.

madre badessa brandy

A star brandy will also be presented

In the sea of the current offer of the festival, Tonči Huljić's brand, Madre Badessa, will be presented for the first time. They offer seven types of brandies and liqueurs, as well as gins, all of which will be offered as part of the festival. Huljić himself will attend the festival on Friday, October 13, and after 5 p.m. he will clarify where the imaginative names for his brand of drinks come from and, ultimately, where the consensus about the taste comes from. His brand is produced by Maraska, a name well known to all lovers of a good drop.

Current names that you will only get to know as it belongs are – premium gin Capone, inAmorana cherry liqueur, Padre pelinkovac, Triska rakija from viljamovka pear, Šizika rakija from plum, Teta Mare liqueur from blueberry and Manna liqueur from green walnut.

Of course, Levaj has already tasted part of Huljić's assortment, and he kindly shared his impressions with us.

"I've tried everything and I can say that, as a Dalmatian, I liked the walnut product called Manna the most, which was made from the maceration of unripe green walnuts. The cool thing is that this liqueur is bittersweet, and I like that the drink is multidimensional. Apart from walnuts, I really like how they named the products – Šizika, Triska, inAmorana… to name a few. The creative department did an excellent job," said Levaj.

Feast even after the stalls close

The exhibition part of the program is open both days from 12:00 to 20:00, after which the party program starts in the Boćarski dom sports hall.

On Friday, Planet Groove performed, and on Saturday, duo La Papa . Along with them , Ozren Kanceljak and Bizzo Bodega will compete at the DJ desk. Kanca is scheduled on Friday, and Bizzo on Saturday. Fajrunt is at midnight, and for fun, check out our calendar of events.

Good luck and see you at ZGrappa!

PS Tickets are still waiting for you . Thug too.