They were alive and tried all the tapas of Mate Janković



Author: Matina Tenžera

Mate Janković opens a tapas bar in the center of Zagreb, and the idea is to always offer at least ten types of tapas with indigenous varieties of wine

Dear people…. this was the tastiest news on Instagram today !

mate janković

"Very soon I am opening a tapas bar in the center of Zagreb, which has always been my great wish. It was also a wish that Croatian gastronomy and its best ingredients were in the foreground. The wine offer will also be indigenous varieties of wine. There will be lasina, babić, plavina, pušipel, maraština, gegić, debit, vugava, pošip, grk, traminac, plavac, pušipel, teran, škrlet, trnjak, kujundzusa…. and many others..

As far as food is concerned, the only inspiration is Croatia. There is only a small part of the offer that we will start with. The idea is to have 10 types of tapas constantly. We also have prosciutto, pancetta, kulen and kulen seka and dried meat products from all over Croatia. Of course, our best cheeses will also be on offer.

There are just some rehearsals I’ve been doing for the last few months. Something has passed the test, and something will go back to training. Nothing I am 100% satisfied with will be served.

Prociterol stuffed with smoked bass, gravad licka trout, horseradish, dill, trout roast Dalmatian prosciutto croquettes Gougere stuffed with Pag cheese cream with olive oil and garlic Savijača with blood sausage and sauerkraut

They were alive and tried all of Janković's tapas.