Does anyone know where to find a list of the best dating events and places to grab a bite or drink?

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Author: Matina Tenžera

Study the calendar with 700 events per month and more than 1000 restaurants and cafes throughout Zagreb

You have seriously started the new season of going out and visiting restaurants, and you are still finding inspiration for the best places on the Internet. When the topic of dating in Zagreb is brought up, no one knows where, when, how and why. Whenever you ask your friends, maybe they know. Or you believe that by chance you will come across a good shalabakhter that you can put away for later.

Well – let's say this is one of those coincidences.

The portal offers more than 700 monthly events throughout Zagreb and its surroundings. Theater performances, films, exhibitions, club events and concerts, children's programs. The choice is yours.

Apart from the most searched categories of events such as concerts and theater, you no longer have to worry about where to have lunch. In the same place, you will find a wide list of restaurants, pastry shops and cafes . Each of the places contains the most necessary information such as location, contact information and a short description.

If you want some fresh original content, expect new recommendations for the most diverse city events every week. Also reports from the most popular festivals, exhibitions and fairs. Finally, you'll find charming lists of related events to help you decide what to visit.

Is there anything else?

Although they practice short, unburdening articles on Divan, for those who find that too much, the YouTube channel U AFTER is offered, where a recently launched show occasionally appears in which famous people reveal the craziest anecdotes from their dates.

So far, the team of the show has hosted seasoned party members of regional influence – Ida Prester, Marija Petreković, Ella Dvornik, the band Porto Morto and Mirela Priselac Remi .

For the autumn-winter edition, they say, they are bringing musicians who will soon hold big concerts or who we don't often have the opportunity to hear in Zagreb. They are open to all your guest suggestions, which you are free to send to the e-mail .

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On Thursday, October 6, registration fees for the renowned TEDx event will be distributed, where sound speakers will perform again this year.

If you are interested in going out in Zagreb, see you at Divan because – there is room for everyone at Divan!