He says he designed Croatian kebabs…. although there is no Bosnian?



Author: Matina Tenžera

The location is Instafood in Zagreb's Kajzerica, and the name you need to call – Domagoj Delač

When someone says that he designed the Croatian version of kebabs, there is silence. You definitely reach out to congratulate, and then you bite deliciously into that gastronomic brainchild called Croatian kebabs, whatever.

Domagoj Delač, whose hilarious venture called Instafood a few months ago was well reported , is returning in autumn attire with a slightly more caloric dish – clearly, in his unfathomable style. This time, the grill master brings no more and no less to Zagreb's Kajzerica than CROATIAN ĆEVAPS.

He called them grinders

"There is no explanation. It just sounded more Croatian. If something new and invented has already been eaten, what wouldn't be his name? ”, Delac is honest.

Since we know that questioning Bosnian dishes is touching a wasp's nest, we will immediately protect Domagoj from attack and say that this is not about replacing Croatian dishes with Bosnian kebabs, but a brave upgrade.

So, if you like Bosnian kebabs, you go where you normally go, and if you want to try a different vision of this cult dish, then you go to Podbrežje X. 26 in Instafood . There, instead of a bun, they played with a thinner version of pizza dough, and changed the composition of the meat. Thus, pork and beef will be found in every kebab, in the proportion in which beef will predominate, but the pork leg will provide enough fat to make the mincemeat quite juicy. In the end, the minced meat will be paired with as many as three side dishes – french fries, French salad and onion salad.

Croatian cevapi

Sounds good enough to visit?

We don't know how much you know that Instafood, as a newly opened place, was pushed through a burger with a French salad, but also full of pizzas that were talked about even in the city center. This time you can expect a fun gastronomic experience again, we think it will not be missed regardless of the final grade in terms of food.

"Croatian kebabs include eight large mincemeats (350g of meat, op.a.), a portion of french fries, an onion salad with pumpkin and olive oil, a bowl of homemade French salad and a freshly baked warm homemade pizza dough bun," said Delač.

Domagoj Delac

Finally a little about burgers

But not any burgers. We are not sure if there is one place in Zagreb where the chef goes out to the guest and, based on the conversation, makes him a burger just for him / her. Instafood called it "burger unique".

Namely, previous experiences show that people extremely appreciate the fact that chefs and staff talk to them, listen to what they like, so they decided to introduce it in Instafood as an official procedure. Picky and hungry enough!