Fuliranje Jungle – the new Zagreb summer festival opens its green oasis

Author: Matina Tenžera

The realm of good food & music & shade in Strossmayer Square

The heat is out of control and everyone is looking for shade, and the best and thickest – the real Iris MBM jungle, awaits visitors on Zagreb's Strossmayer Square , from 15 to 26 July. The creative agency Kokoš ili jaje brings to the asphalt a gorgeous green oasis for a break from the summer high Celsius – Fuliranje Jungle.

Fuliranje Jungle

Fuliranje Jungle

In addition to the already known festivals Fuliranje, Foodballerka and Zagreb Burger Festival, this time they present the youngest creative project – Fuliranje Jungle.

Four gastro musketeers: Marko Palfi from Garden Kitchen by Marko Palfi, Mate Janković, Marin Medak from RougeMarina and confectionery magician Robert Hromalić are preparing a real feast.

With happy taste buds and your legs, they will happily catch great rhythms & sounds & beats performed by 11 DJs led by the Croatian Funk Delegation, Ozren Kanceljak, Ilko Čulić and Adriatic Coasting, and several musical surprises are in preparation.

Adriatic Coasting Fuliranje

Staropramen Food Truck / Fulling Bar / GINgle Bells

They know that chilled liquid drops will be more in demand than gold, so they are preparing a real rhapsody of flavors – from Staropramen's Food Truck with Staropramen beer, Fuliranje Bar with Croatian wines, cocktails, brandies and draft beer and creative GINgle Bells combinations.

Creative workshops are being prepared for people with small legs, and adults will explore new flavors at promotions and tastings.

GINgle balls

Fully Jungle will be supported in partnership by Jamnica, Coca-Cola and G3 Spirits, and Iris MBM will green Stross Square to the maximum.

The festival will be held in compliance with all epidemiological measures .