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GRAVELMAN ZAGREB 2020 – humanitarian bicycle race with Crveni Nose

"Gravelman Zagreb 2020." is a new bicycle race of humanitarian character, 100 km long, and will be held on September 20, 2020. with the start and finish at Zagreb's Bundek. The project originated from the Segment21 team, which this year has already organized two very interesting and visited mountain biking marathons – "xcm Occupy Samobor" and "The Capital" in PP Medvednica.

This time, a move was made from classic mountain biking (mountain bike / mtb) towards the Gravel direction – a new branch of cycling that has recently gathered an increasing number of supporters. In addition to retaining existing fans of the sport, the gravel also attracts new recreational riders who can't resist the benefits of riding in nature, and includes road cyclists who are slowly discovering the benefits of off-road riding. Gravel is in direct translation from Eng. it is called gravel, and it is, along with the asphalt, the surface on which it is driven – so it is not technically demanding. However, the gravel gained its popularity more by the character of the ride and the return to the old rides we all started with. Today’s bikes are closely segmented for certain disciplines, and gravel bikes are just what we once had as children – one bike for all adventures – macadam roads, road, well-trodden dirt roads and everything in between. In such rides, the day smelled of adventure because we never knew where we would end up, how many miles we would cover and when we would return – it was this unrestrained feeling that made gravel extremely popular in the last few years.

In order to bring the race closer to the wider population, because it is truly the best platform for anyone who wants to go for a ride and does not know where, when and how – or just does not want to go alone – the team from Segment21 has twisted the already established concept of competitors racing alone. against others and invented a chase.

The rules are simple – at Gravelman all competitors start at the same time, and with a time lag behind them goes a team of hunters (chases) whose task is to overtake as many competitors as possible, while the task of competitors is to reach the finish line in front of chase drivers to secure Gravelman status. -And. Anyone caught up in the chase can continue driving, but upon entering the finish line they have the status of Finisher, not Gravelman.

The biggest incentive to "cover" those 100km as quickly as possible is contributed by the fact that for each kilometer of pursuit Segment21 donates 1 kuna to the Red Noses association, which wants to give people in difficult and crisis situations a sense of joy, happiness and optimism.

To make the race even more original, it may be more challenging for you to run away from the chase made by our sports stars, so the Olympic rowing winners will try to overtake you – the Sinković brothers, the famous Croatian cyclist Filip Kvasina and the cyclist, triathlete, trail runner and winner. European Championship WUCA 2019 cycling race at 12h with 430km – Maja Marukić, and other names of hunters will be published every 5 days until the race.

They say that it is easier in good company, so the race is supported by famous people from showbiz such as Rene Bitorajac, Saša Buneta, Mario Valentić and Vedran Mlikota, and even our most successful athlete Sandra Perković could not resist trying this challenge.

All of them will sweat together with you and try to escape the chase in order to, in addition to personal pleasure, elicit as many smiles on the faces of those in need. So be a part of the all-day ride for the Red Noses accompanied by afternoon socializing with great music, but don't forget to adhere to the prescribed epidemiological measures.

Be a winner from the beginning, see you at Bundek!

The race is made possible by the project partners – Keindl sport, Zagrebačka pivovara, Zagrebački holding, Radio Antena, Hendrih Feldbauer and others.

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