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The area of the lake and the meadows and forests around the lake stretch from the Freedom Bridge to the Youth Bridge. Bundek Park allows the citizens of the City of Zagreb to stay in nature, and various types of recreation and relaxation with walking, barbecue, sunbathing and fishing. The area of the park is 545,000 m², of which 470,000 m² falls on green areas (grasslands), 50,000 m² on water surfaces (lakes), and 10,000 m² on hiking trails.

Lake Bundek consists of the Great Lake and the Small Lake. On the Great Lake, there is a 10,000 m2 shoreline where the rescue service and medical service take care of the safety of bathers during the summer season. Bathing water quality is regularly monitored during the bathing season. The entrance to the lake is adapted for people with disabilities built by a ramp that allows wheelchair access. The small lake has been left as a natural habitat for many plant and animal species.

The area around the lake is arranged as an amusement and recreational park with 10 barbecue sets (concrete grills with garden benches and tables) available to citizens. Around the lake there is a bicycle-roller path 1650 m long, a walking path, and three children's playgrounds, one of which is intended for children up to 12 years, the other for children 12 years, and the third for children with special needs. In the eastern part of Bundek Park there are two volleyball and beach handball courts.

In the western part of the sun deck, a water stage has been set up with an auditorium for approximately 2,500 spectators, where various cultural events are held. During the summer season, a number of cultural, entertainment, sports and recreational events are held at Bundek. The existing infrastructure with accompanying toilets is regularly maintained (10 external). Great attention is paid to the arrangement and maintenance of the ecosystem, which is taken care of by the professional workers of the Zrinjevac Branch. In the park there are 2 restaurants that look and fit into the natural environment of the park. Throughout the year, the security service of Bundek visitors is taken care of by the security service.

At Bundek, in cooperation with the City Office for Health and Veterans, the Institute of Public Health Dr. Andrija Štampar and the Branch Management of Sports Facilities, a Health Trail has been set up. The trail is set circling along the main lake and is 700 meters long. It is available to all citizens throughout the year, and is intended for walking, Nordic walking and running.

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