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Directed by Sebastijan Horvat, for the first time in Croatia we are premiereing Cement, a play by the great German playwright Heiner Müller, who modified the novel of the same name by the socialist-realist writer Fyodor Gladkov. Cement is, according to director Horvat, one of the greatest love stories in world dramatic literature. After several years of civil war and the October Revolution, Gleb Chumalov returns home where he finds himself in a cement factory which, despite years of revolutionary aspirations to take over private property, is lonely, empty and inactive. His return home is at the same time a return to his wife and common child. But his wife does not retaliate.

She is in love: her love is now Revolution, her body and heart are sealed, and their child soon dies of starvation. From that moment on, Gleb's goal is twofold: to convince the new government to enable people / workers to train a cement plant that could work and produce more and better than before, and to win back the heart of his suddenly emancipated wife. Cement is a love letter at some point of break, a cut between the existing and the radically new, painted with brutally cruel force and darkness, who in writing relentlessly profess the belief that all this is and must be, regardless of the horrific outcomes, and that our future is the future humanity exactly that fracture, or… is not at all.


Director: Sebastijan Horvat Adaptation and dramaturgy: Milan Marković Set designer: Igor Vasiljev Costume designer: Belinda Radulović Composer: Drago Ivanuša Lighting design: Aleksandar Čavlek Stage movement: Ana Kreitmeyer Assistant set designer: Tamara Pavković Assistant costume designer: Petra Marta Žegura Androga Assistant Director: Milica Sinkauz


Rakan Rushaidat: Gleb Chumalov Sreten Mokrovic: Badjin, Locksmith Ugo Korani: Sergej Ivagin, Gromada, Kozak Pjer Menicanin: Kleist, Starac Dado Cosic: Losak, Cibis, Officer Barbara Prpic: Polja Mehova Petra Svrtan permanent associate: Motja Milica Manojlovic: Avd Orlandini: Lisaveta, Secretary Milivoj Beader: Borsci, Mechanic Vedran Zivolic: Dmitri Ivagin, Savchuk, Kozak Mateo Videk: Makar, Accordionist Dasha Chumalova: Natasa Kopec Aleksej, Kozak: Toma Medvesek

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