Zagreb Youth Theater


The Zagreb Youth Theater is a contemporary, prestigious theater that keeps pace with recent European tendencies in the performing arts, recognized and acknowledged beyond Croatian borders. Multidirectional program guidelines, an experienced and agile ensemble, the University as a core of future professionals and theater-conscious audiences, openness to non-institutional scene projects and a penchant for research and various genre interweaving make it a special and important hub on the Croatian theater map. By networking with numerous international organizations, supporting guest appearances and participating in co-productions, ZKM has established its position in the European theater space. In a broader cultural context, it provides conditions for the development of various artistic practices, encourages creativity and cultural and spiritual enrichment, recognizes positive social values and influences their growth.

Although the public's attention is more focused on plays for adults, ZKM insists on the work and importance of the College and on staging plays for children. Since the ZKM is already primarily addressed to young people with a determinant in the title, contents for the population aged 13 to 19 are a challenge and an obligation in the next phase of theater development. In addition to encouraging different directorial aesthetics and authorial achievements of ensemble members and other performing artists who see ZKM as a place of cooperation, then strengthening the established artistic exchange through a network of guest appearances and co-productions with European and regional theaters and finding new ways of cooperation. is a pregnant space of innovation.

Zagreb Youth Theater

Teslina 7

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510