You don't have to worry about New Year's Eve anymore

Van uz DiVan


Author: Matina Tenžera

Because we bring you a list of the strongest parties – check which one suits you best and gather a team

Who is fleeing Zagreb for this Old Year? Well, those who plan to get married in Zagreb will find something for themselves here. Let's go in some order:

1. The Frajle

We are already used to Frajle decorating every Christmas afternoon in Zagreb. However, this year they decided to brighten up the end of this year . So polish your shoes because you will need them from noon.

2. New Year's race

sylvester zagreb run

When you dance, rest a little. And after the break, see you from 14:45 in Ribnjak Park, where the colorful New Year's race starts! Check in on time, pay the registration fees and prepare Advent suits or at least some props. Believe me, running will be far more fun. But realistically, why wouldn’t you feel better and prepare for an evening out knowing you had previously recreated?

You may have less remorse for everything that will follow. 🙂

3. Good old Factory

culture maker

The factory of culture this year, as usual, has two floors. It is one of the more affordable pastimes, and we believe that no pastime in the Factory can be missed . We assume that there will be enough teams for some new acquaintances or any other type of adventure, and for everything else, complain to us in the New Year 😉

4. One hundred lives

hall zagreb

Although the Stojedinica team has found its oasis in the past years in the Tvornica area, as of this year they are moving to the Zagreb Hall. The new old is the best combination anyway. You know that the Hundred Units know how to have a fire party , and on the other hand – have you been to the Hall before?

Well, that's what we're talking about.

5. Times are decadent

rnb confusion just love

Some may want to be honored this year and sail into 2022 in sumptuous style? Then the Decadance party will come to you as ordered. Behind him is the RNB Confusion team, and it will be interesting to see how they organize "a little finer" parties. Either way, you will feel like real ladies and gentlemen. Pure decadence.