Don’t miss some of these parties until the end of the month



Author: Matina Tenžera

These are the key events until March 31st

That spring is just around the corner is clear on the stage of club and concert events. Everything is bursting with parties and concerts. In the middle of the month, and just before the first day of spring, we bring you a few reminders that musical events are not wise to miss.

Aklea Neon at Two Eight

This is the first praaaavi concert of the magical Aklee Neon. And not only that – it was supposed to perform only on Friday, but as tickets quickly sold out, a new date opened on Thursday, March 17th . Well – come on people!

Working and on his birthday in Arena Zagreb

Someone else has experienced Akle's musical destiny of sold-out concerts, but it has been a constant for him for the last twenty years. Petar Grašo will perform at the Arena Zagreb on Friday and Saturday, March 18 and 19 , and one of those two days will celebrate his birthday.

Neither alternative nor commercial in the Contes club

Those who always stay "somewhere in between" will probably be approved at the concert of cheerful Mexicans – Los Caballeros. They perform at the Comedy Theater Club, Kontesa.

Pocket Palm at the Culture Factory

On Saturday, expect a rarely good electronic show performed by the duo Pocket Palma. It is a pity that we do not have the opportunity to listen to their live concerts more often, but when we finally have them – we do not miss this unique opportunity.

IAMDDB is coming

British rapper IAMDDB is actually coming to the Culture Factory on March 23rd. Since the concert was postponed to the spring of 2022 at the end of last year, we are checking to see if there will be a new cancellation. And here it is – a woman is really coming to Zagreb ! Sure… .. she has seven more days to cancel, but we are confident that we will still hear her live 😉

Nilza Costa in the Swamp

Who is ready to mix modern jazz with African and Brazilian traditional rhythms and melodies? Except for Nilza Costa, it will probably be you on Friday, March 25th. The swamp will become an oasis of "African-Brazilian jazz" !

A new club in the heart of Zagreb opens its doors

The Fifth Coupe is finally moving on with the programs. The latest club treat located behind the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall opens its doors on Saturday, March 26, to all eager (and thirsty) partygoers. Check out what DJ Antonio Zuza, the owner of the club and his colleagues at the DJ counter, has prepared for you!

They say, a unique musical experience in the Culture Factory

Folklore and electronics. Going together or not? If you go to the Culture Factory on March 26, it will be clear to you that this is more than a natural combination. The LADO Electro project is rated by visitors as a top music experience where the quality of different music comes to the fore .

Without worries, concerts and club events by the end of March there are far more. Dive into our list of all interesting events in Zagreb and find something for yourself and your team.