DiVan is filing… when DiVan takes you out!

Van uz DiVan


Author: Matina Tenžera

A cake in the center, coffee in the rush hour, beers in Tkalča … wonderful filling.

Life is slowly returning to some new normal. We finally set out to look forward to some old habits and customs.

Cake in the center, coffee at the peak, beers in Tkalča… wonderful filling. We want to hear from you! What a wonderful filing for you, and with whom you will share it, once all your favorite places reopen!

Conditions for participation

Until May 15, share with us the wonderful filing you miss and tag the person you would share that experience with!

You can comment on our social networks: Facebook / Instagram or post on your profile (your profile must be public so you can see it) and the hashtag #divanfiling.

One lucky person and his entourage will enjoy the wonderful filing at our expense, and as a thank you you just send us a photo or video of how you enjoy it!