Citizens agree to banish the popular Zagreb festival



Author: Matina Tenžera

Could it be sadder? We don’t need a coronavirus pandemic for the collapse of the economy as long as we have each other

Could it be sadder? The standard Croatian tourist story is repeated even in conditions when we should fall to our knees and, with tears in our eyes, thank heaven that the tertiary sector is still allowed to do business, even if it is abnormal. Let tourists not come, just let them send money, the latest (anti) tourist story is on that trail, this time based in Zagreb.

Neighbors are problematic, not a festival

Let's start with the head – citizens who live near Mažuranić Square complain that too much noise is being made at the Caffe de Matoš festival and demand its abolition . The festival, which hung its shoes on a rope on June 12, was to last until mid-September. And now its maintenance is questionable. Because a few citizens are bothered by noise. They would rather see desolate Zagreb and apathetic fellow citizens wandering the streets of their vain lives just like themselves.

Because how else to call the need to register festival organizers without first starting a dialogue with them? Festival organizers who control the disputed noise with sound meters due to the bizarre restrictions imposed by the Headquarters? Which do not leave behind garbage, do not shit, do not burp and do not pee all over the park… .. and in addition employ at least twenty or more people?

Is it pity, is it malice, deep dissatisfaction with oneself or something fourth…. know those who filed the application.

They would move the festival, and we would move them

What is the charm of living downtown? You are the focus of events, most of everything is at your fingertips, and maybe your ego is satisfied with the very knowledge of life in the city center. Irrelevant. However…. what are the pains of the same kind of life? When an earthquake happens, there is a high probability that your apartment or house will fall apart, maybe you are a person who is late for everyone precisely because most of everything is at your fingertips, every Advent you break through the horrible city crowds. And you know what else? IT'S NOISY.

Everyone who is bothered by at least one of the listed reasons either does not live in the city center (or in any more populated part of the city / city in general) or is silent and respects the nature of life in such a location.

Let's say you move into the woods and someone organizes a mass music festival on the meadow next to your idyllic house, so that we can fully understand why you applied to drive them away. But this is sad and we wholeheartedly hope it will hit the wall.

Caffe de Matoš is one of the better city events

As expected, a festival boom took place this summer – both in Zagreb and in the rest of the country. And everything can be said about the type of festival, the choice of location, the offer of gastronomy or content. But Caffe de Matoš as an event that has been held for years, which has successfully enriched the three city locations and which is directly paired with the identity of Zagreb…. it should at least get one “respect” for perseverance, creativity and spreading a good atmosphere.

After all…Mažuranić Square has finally got its full meaning except for the place where dogs shit and children play. We often hear comments that Caffe de Matoš should become a year-round event at that location.

And these neighbors who are calling for the early shutdown of Caffe de Matos seem to have been vaccinated. But not with the vaccine they should. Vaccinated against a good atmosphere.