We are celebrating the beginning of summer in the Art Park!



Author: Matina Tenžera

The Art Park celebrates its 5th birthday and announces its return to Ribnjak

An exciting musical opening weekend on June 19, 20 and 21, 2020 will be marked by a concert by the Open Air Cinema, a unique open-air street art gallery and recycled sculptures in the treetops of Zagreb's most beautiful park.

After recently reviving hundreds of meters of walls in Opatovina, Zagreb, turning them into small works of art with the signatures of several local artists, the organizers of the Art Park are announcing a new summer season. The fifth edition of the successful art project returns to Ribnjak Park, which will once again become a unique open-air street art gallery. "Cowboys, guns and feminism" with the signature of the great Marin Remić, "Carpets for chill" by the original Tihomir Krklec Africa and "Red Sonja" by Boris Bara will watch visitors from all four corners of the park, while the installation "Planet or plastic" will look decently from the treetops. ? ”, Which consists of five sculptures made from donated plastic bags.

Art Park

"Recycled materials were used to build this year's Art Park, and we want to develop this idea in the future."

"For the fifth year of the Art Park, we have artistically selected 'women and cowboys' for you. As the main set designer, we have chosen the inimitable Marin Remić, who will arrange the central part of the park, and he is also signing this year's label for Art Park beer, which is being brewed for us again by Pivovara Medvedgrad. A pleasant atmosphere will be created by colorful carpets, which will be originally woven by Tihomir Krklec Afrika, while "Crvena Sonja" will rest on the side and make sure that everything goes well. This year we want to deal with ecology and recycling as much as possible, and on this track, in cooperation with sculptor Ivo Gašparić, the installation "Planet or plastic" was created, which consists of sculptures made of donated plastic bags that the drugstore chain dm withdraws from sale. Also, recycled materials were used for the construction of this year's Art Park, and we want to develop this idea in the future as well ", said Boris Bare, one of the organizers of the Art Park and artistic director of the project.

The opening weekend at Ribnjak will, in addition to birthdays, also mark the entry into the summer part of the year and World Music Day, which calls for a good musical introduction to the new season of the Art Park.

On Friday, June 19 from 6 pm, visitors will enjoy a proven good selection of music by Jeff Jarunski and Kuna, thus preparing for an exciting Saturday.

On June 20, starting at 8.30 pm, the Open Air Cinema will perform at Ribnjak and take everyone present to the sea, and the atmosphere before the concert will be additionally warmed by Agregat Sun. All those interested, young and old, will be able to attend a free art workshop led by Melita Omeragić OMart. Since the number of participants is limited, registration is required via om.art.radionice@gmail.com.

World Music Day, June 21, is reserved for the young and talented musician, author and street musician Matej Magdić, better known as Matt Shaft. From 7 pm onwards, he will spice up a light Sunday in the Art Park on Ribnjak with fine electronic violin sounds.

Art Park

After the opening weekend, the Art Park on Ribnjak will remain open for socializing every day, from noon to 11 pm, until September 6, 2020. Visitors can expect numerous workshops for large and small, music and film evenings and collaborations with Animafest and film Frooom children's school, morning yoga classes of the Yoga Space studio, Green Action activities, hours and hours of table tennis, swinging on the Reading Swing, regular and favorite Flea Market and many more contents for all generations …