The most popular Advent events moved to the same address



Author: Matina Tenžera

It is about Caffe de Matoš and the Strange Forest of the Sick Brothers

We met Caffe de Matoš as an Advent location in the Upper Town, on the Strossmayer promenade. Even then, we fell in love with them mostly because of their unmistakable sense of decorating and achieving the appropriate holiday atmosphere. Then followed the Summer at Matoš at the same location where the team once again shone with decorations. Or did the summer Caffe de Matoš precede the winter version of events? Anyway, the point is that we witnessed a pretty successful seasonal event.

coffee of matosh

Eh, and then in 2020, Caffe de Matoš went fishing, so you had Matoš fishing in the Ribnjak park. We thought they had finally found the space that suited them…. until Mažuranac and the last edition of Summer at Matoš.

Bome Mažuranac was a beautiful oasis for them. Until it was abruptly interrupted due to citizens' complaints about noise , which we have already written about, expressing our dissatisfaction.

And now we return to the beginning – this year's Advent Caffe de Matoš will try another unexplored location – the yard of the Katran club!

a strange forest of sick brothers

This time they will have a strange company of cheerful forest characters from a fairy tale – A strange forest of Sick Brothers! Bizzo Bodega and Baby Dooks moved their pack of freaks from Warsaw Street to Katran's yard after a few years.

We seem to have a new Zagreb Advent District and we admit that we are seriously looking forward to it.

advent tar