Occasional children's shows throughout December

Author: Matina Tenžera

Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas will be regular visitors

Although parents all over Zagreb already know which children's theaters to visit and how far in advance to buy tickets so as not to run into closed doors, it is not a bad idea to gather performances in one place that will give a new dimension of winter to all the little ones for the best Advent for children.

First of all, we are talking about new, special performances that have been prepared in each of the theaters, and then also the fact that Santa Claus and St. Nicholas will be frequent guests of some of them.

Advent for children

Year-round children's places in Advent clothing Backo Mini Express

The themed train museum is a sweet excursion that works best on winter days. Not only does it already snow on the small squares, roads and railways, but children will experience a visit to the museum differently than when the city is richly decorated.

Santa's snow fairy tale

Starting on Saturday, December 3, until the end of the month, the Little Scene will play a special performance of Santa'sSnow Fairy Tale , which will be regularly accompanied by Santa Claus or St. Nicholas. Therefore, prepare gifts for your little ones, secretly deliver them to famous bearded women and enjoy the emotions!

Masha and Christmas

The play Maša i Božić will also be playing in the Trešnja theater from Saturday, December 3, and only a few more times until the end of the month. At the center of the story is eight-year-old Maša, who will show everyone in the audience what the fundamental values of Christmas are.

Snow White

We are told that none other than St. Nicholas will arrive at the Zagreb Puppet Theater on Sunday, December 4 ! By the way, it is a show that plays all year round, but everyone's favorite bearded man arrives only once.

Santa's gifts

There is also a theater called Cheršnja, with its racing horse. The themed show Santa's Gifts is in the repertoire throughout December, and it's up to you to see if Detective Mishko will successfully help Santa find his lost presents.

hedgehogs home

Exactly on December 6, the iconic Hedgehog's House plays on St. Nicholas. Saint Nicholas will be a surprise guest, so prepare gifts for your kids and toddlers.

Bear Đuro in kindergarten

After St. Nicholas rests a bit, Santa arrives at the Zagreb Puppet Theater. We don't know who the children will look forward to more – Medi Đura or Santa Claus.

A Christmas story

Based on Dickens' literary classic, this play reminds us why miracles are possible at Christmas time . And your children will also experience a real little miracle when, after the performance, Santa Claus hands them all the presents that you will secretly deliver to them with his head and chin!


Although the subject of the play Heidi is somewhat more serious, the scenography, puppets and lighting will convince children that they have nothing to fear. Even when Santa Claus confirms this for them, their happiness will not end.

Medo Đuro at the dentist

Considering the amount of candy eaten during the holidays, it might not be a bad idea to visit the Christmas edition of the Medo Đuro show at the dentist to remind all the little Medo Đuro kids why it is important to take care of dental hygiene. He will bring Đuro the Bear and his friend Santa Claus to confirm what he will play in the play.