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Goulash Disco

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08.09.2021 / 11:00 - 12.09.2021 / 23:00


  • Hrvatski

Riječ organizatora za festival Goulash Disco:

– Festivals in Croatia are happening this summer. Covid measures are still a bit vague and unsettled, but : people who will be crossing borders will most likely have taken all measures necessary to enter the festival. Non vaccinated domestic people (who are not crossing borders) might have to show a recent negative test, that we might be able to provide at the entrance of the festival for a certain amount of money (to be confirmed).

O smještaju

– We are NOT having a public camping this year. This allows us much more flexibility in case of more severe restrictions happening at the end of the summer, and avoid a situation in which people would not be allowed to come. If you do have accommodation settled, nothing will prevent you to be in Komiza for a week at the end of the summer, and enjoy your time at the beach bar of the town. That means that you will need to rent accommodation in order to take part of Goulash this year. TENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED on site or anywhere else, as camping is generally forbidden in the island, at all time. Police might take action in case of illegal camping.

– People with CAMPER VANS WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARK IN THE PUBLIC PARKING (the original Goulash camping from previous editions). If you do have a camper van, you will be allowed to park and sleep inside your camper. You will have to pay parking fee for the duration of the festival to the local authorities (amount to be confirmed, but for sure decent!).

O ulaznicama

– There are currently few tickets available on the crowdfunding campaign, following some support cancellations. As we speak remain: 4 early bird tickets (160€), 5 super goulashian tickets (500€), and bunch of goodies!! Towels, socks, vinyls, shirts etc are going very slowly, we could do better!!! 🙂 This year is unusual and we’re suffering cash flow issues following last year’s cancellation, your support will really help us survive this crisis. Buy socks, save Goulash!

– There will be an extra batch of ticket released AFTER the crowdfunding campaign, and the amount will depend on how many people are rolling out their tickets to 2022 (so far, 100).

– If you got ticket(s) on this year’s crowdfunding campaign, but can’t afford accommodation during the festival, or have changed your plans, you can CANCEL YOUR SUPPORT on the campaign and st june you will not be charged for your tickets. Here is how to cancel your support.
Your cancelled ticket(s) will then automatically be available on the campaign, until it finishes (30st june at midnight)

– If you got non refunded tickets from last year and can’t attend this year’s festival, you can roll them out to 2022 by filling this form.

We unfortunately can’t afford refunds at the moment, as we need all the cash we currently have in order to organize this year’s edition. We know it may be inconvenient for some of you, and apologize to those who would like to get their money back before the festival. Please have in mind that we are a small, independant and sponsor free structure, trying our best to navigate the bumpy covid waters.

Topla riječ za kraj

Great bands and dj’s are confirmed and we can assure you that Goulash is back in motion! We hope you are having a great summer and good times with people who count for you. The end of summer is meant to be legendary on the Komizan shore, we are all beyond excited to get you all back.



Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510