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Volster (Secession, TRAUM)

Over the past few years, somewhat mysteriously, Volster has gradually become one of the most noted fresh figures of the Croatian electronic scene, leaving his signature through production, DJing, event organisation and successfully running a label imprint, Secesson Records. The main subculture Marko was positively exposed to in the 90’s was techno, a style he has been practicing for almost two decades now. As he was performing within and outside the Croatian borders, Volster gradually started experimenting and developing his signature textured sound leading him signing and publishing his work across his own imprint to labels like Edit Select, BCCO, Vakum, ANAOH, Northallsen Records, etc..

Parallel to this musical chapter of his life, Volster launched a series of TRAUM events in his hometown, bringing a new style of techno and club life, very characteristic in majority of Europe, to the local audience. Francois X, Amotik, DJ Deep, Antigone, Etapp Kyle, Paula Temple and Anthony Linell are some of the few names that TRAUM hosted so far. To this day Volster has performed across the Europe ranging from clubs in Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest to festivals like Dimensions Festival, Exit Festival and Modem Festival that brought him to his most notable appearance and debut performance at the infamous club Berghain – Panorama Bar on September 2019.

Vazdaisti B2B Pres

Coming from a rough and raw Bosnian environment in search of meaning, Vazdaisti explores the essence of the individual in the mass, the mass in the individual, the individual and the mass in itself through various multimedia disciplines. Vazdaisti is a DJ, designer, reporter and active promoter of electronic music and scene. His style, although always the same, is never the same. It is characterized by a dynamic sound interwoven with colorful percussions and a slightly intoxicating melodic theme. In general, it is a mix of Balkan attitude, phlegmaticity, boldnes, pleasantness, discomfort and irrational charm.

He has played at numerous clubnights, events and festivals and has shared deck with various eminent names from the scene. Founder and host of events, the most prominent of which are with Developer, Nihad Tule, Linear System, Lag, Volster. He strives to present the complete story of an individual in a crowd through events as conceptualized art. Also, as the founder of the multidisciplinary Kongres Kolektiv, he sets new standards on the various fields of scenes and develops one of the more promising stories, focused on the general betterment, developing a community and a movement that exceeds its expectations.

As a young man, Dominik (PRES) started playing the synthesizer while rehearsing in the school band. His interest in electronic music started in high school when he was 16, the same age he started DJing and producing. He went through many genres such as hip hop, house, progressive and techno. After finding a place in the newly formed Kongres Collective, his purpose became more dedicated to shaping and designing a unique sound and rhythm.

With the latest releases on the Berlin label BCCO, he sets his signature sound, and arranges future releases that will be available in the coming months. Now based in Zagreb, he shares the decks with numerous acts from the local and international scene. His sets are energetic deep groove with mysterious atmospheric textures and mostly compiled with his own production combined with released and unreleased tapes of other artists.

DBFB (Secession, Illegal Alien, After Us Records)

DBFB – techno duo from Croatia, consisting of Bosnyak and Observer – embarks on a journey cruising between dub chords and hypnotic melodies. Their mission is to offer a fresh reinterpretation of dub techno, infusing it with new solidity and captivating allure. With releases on labels like Secession, Illegal Alien, and After Us Records, DBFB is carving out a distinct space in the techno landscape, captivating listeners with their compositions that morph textures, noises, and melodies with tight low ends, creating an engrossing sonic exploration.

Their music has been played and supported by many heavyweights from the industry including Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Dax J., Marcel Dettmann, Takaaki Itoh, Rene Wise, Altinbass, Casual Treatment, Audio Units, Ricardo Garduno, Arnaud Le Texier etc. Beyond their music, the duo nurtures aspiring young producers through workshops. Their commitment to music and their local community is evident in ETER nights, the local parties they founded to foster the underground techno scene on the west coast of Istria.



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