Thirsty ear joined the INmusic organization



Author: Matina Tenžera

They also announced the first joint headliner

In cooperation with Zedni uho, The National are returning to Croatia after six years as part of the returning sixteenth edition of the INmusic festival!

The National are undoubtedly the favorites of the Croatian concert audience, who have been actively demonstrating their long and faithful love for the band since their first and already legendary performance at KSET in 2004. Thanks to Thirsty Ear and The National's repeated guest appearances in Croatia over the past twenty years, the band has built a solid fan base that made each subsequent guest appearance even more special for both older and newer fans of The National. Since the last performance at Šalata in Zagreb in the summer of 2018 and the promotion of the long-awaited and award-winning seventh album 'Sleep Well Beast', a lot has changed for The National – from the development of its own sound and narrative through musical collaborations with Sharon van Etten, Justin Vernon, Lisa Hannigan and many others, to private difficulties and dealing with the post-pandemic state of mind.

Although two years ago, according to the band itself, the future of The National was questionable due to a creative and personal crisis, The National found its creative and human cohesion again and renewed through them a unique musical sentiment and mutual support. The creative power of post-pandemic Tha National is best evidenced by the fact that after a four-year publishing break in 2023, they released not one, but two studio albums – 'First Two Pages of Frankenstein' in April and 'Laugh Track' in September.

The new era of The National begins with the rebuilding of trust between the band members through a kind of emotional inventory on the album 'First Two Pages of Frankenstein', on which Phoebe Bridgers, Sufjan Stevens and Taylor Swift are guests, and it is completed in the exploratory and vibrant spirit of the suddenly released album in September 'Laugh Track'.

On the wings of the unique synergy of the ninth and tenth studio albums, The National return to the Croatian audience with a new creative zeal and a special emphasis on live performance and all the happy uncertainties that interaction with a live audience brings. In a special two-hour performance at the INmusic festival #16 and their long-awaited return to Croatia, The National will undoubtedly delight once again and prove why they are one of the most favorite bands of the local audience.