Žar ptica presents plays as part of the event "From the Heart to Zagreb"

#divanfiling is watching live shows again

After a long break, the City Theater Žar ptica returns to its audience with the play Ti i ja, mali medo , which will be performed as part of the event "Žar ptica od srca Zagrebu" on May 30 at 11 am in the pavilion of Zrinjevac Park .

– We dedicate this event to Zagreb and its youngest residents, with whom we want to celebrate theatrical gatherings and the City Day, which this year more than ever needs our love. That is why our two Medeks, Berislav Tomičić and Vesna Ravenšćak Lozić, will sing, dance and send messages of hope, love and optimism from the very heart of our city together with the children – they said.

During the manifestation "Fire of birds from the heart to Zagreb", the audience will receive as many as 3 plays

Next Saturday, June 6, at the same time at 11 a.m., another meeting awaits you at Zrinjevac. They will be with you then, their favorite weirdo Antuntun, played by Ante Krstulović according to the famous song by Grigor Vitez How Antuntun Lives .

The manifestation Žar ptica od srca Zagreb continues on Sunday, June 14 at 11 am in Bijenička 97, when in front of the Žar ptica theater, children from the neighborhood and everyone who comes will be given another performance of Antuntun .

– As much as we missed the theater, so did the theater miss its audience. Now that we are here again, together, we heartily invite you to these merry theatrical gatherings with the Firebird in the open air, because the theater building has not yet been rehabilitated from the effects of the earthquake. We ask you to respect all prescribed epidemiological measures – they said from the theater.

In case of rain the performances are canceled.