Zagreb's streets are colorful again

Author: Matina Tenžera

A new edition of the OKOLO project is starting

In cooperation with the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb, the art project "Okolo" again this year invites you to go on a unique artistic walk through Zagreb until August 30 , look at the streets of the city from a different perspective and discover the surprises prepared for you at every step by international and local artists and designers.

Encountering art in hidden streets, forgotten passages, canopies of Zagreb parks and corners of the Upper Town "Okolo" is scheduled for the sixth time this year, and the list of artists who will leave their mark on Zagreb is led by international names: Isaac Cordal and Ememem . Street art collective from Lyon, which beautifies cracked pavements, pavements and facades all over the world with its distinctive color mosaics made of ceramic tiles.

Cordal's "Eclipse of cement" can be found in as many as eight locations : Kaptol 4, Dolac 2, Tomić's steps near number 9, Tomić's steps near the passage, Ilica 12, Zakmardi's steps, Krvavi most and Male steps, while Ememem will mark the stairs with its unique signature in the passage of Hotel Jägerhorn after August 25.

There are also local artists

In addition to them, the (in)face of the city is refreshed by interesting spatially-specific installations and street art interventions in public space, as well as well-known names from the domestic art scene. Thus, two completely different textile installations await you at two locations. Sculptor Ida Blažičko , best known for her ambient-textile installations in public spaces, presents the textile sculpture "Waves" on Ilirski trg , adapted to the unique atmosphere of the historic Zagreb location, while fashion designer Damir Begović , who normally creates visually and texturally rich and layered collections inspired by his native Slavonia, at the corner of Splavnica and Tkalčićeva Street, he set up an impressive spatial installation "Folk Graffiti of Ponjava" and through a modern approach and a different technique marked ethnic tradition.

Two designers deal with the motifs of the city and summer. Gajeva Street thus becomes a gathering place for recognizable inhabitants of the streets and squares – pigeons – but as Ivana Mrčel sees them in "Točno u podne", while Jelena Malenica in the passage under Uspinača through a vertical field of dry herbs from Šibenik's hinterland located in the city landscape, accompanied by the sounds of crickets, evokes the feeling of "Endless Summer".

Homage to a living photographic legend

The two of us are dedicating a photographic intervention to the great Croatian and favorite Zagreb photographer of specific authorial poetics, Slavka Pavić , who has more than 70 years of recording city scenes and photographic experiments behind her. Through more than 20 large-format photos that document an important part of Zagreb's everyday life, placed on poster places in a row, the artistic creativity and specific poetics of this legendary photographer inclined to subjective photography will be marked.

The "Photo diaries of Slavka Pavić" will be displayed on Kaptol and Zakmardijev stupa and in Šoštarićeva and Varšavska streets from August 22, when six interactive humorous posters will appear on the pillars in Dolac and Trg ban Jelačić at the corner of Splavnica and Praška Street. connected in a "circular flow", signed by Pavle Kuharić from the Verlauf design studio, which recontextualize the meaning of the advertising column as an informational object.

By placing works of art in the urban landscape, "Okolo" enlivens public spaces and turns them into places where art spontaneously touches the everyday life of the city. It puts local artists and their personal experience and vision of the city in the foreground, while bringing contemporary art closer to a wider audience.