Zagreb's summer rush hour moves to Sava



Author: Matina Tenžera

Lots of free varied programs, concerts, gastronomic experiences and workshops

How many times, while walking along the Sava, have you wished that Zagreb would revive its glorious past and the time of bathing, socializing and making love by the river? Just like many European cities to which living by the river has brought numerous benefits, Zagreb is trying to return to the agrammer flair, socializing and active life along its Sava for the 4th year in a row. All this is brought to us again this year by the Green River Fest, which takes place from July 12 to October 1 on the embankment near the Hendrix Bridge – with a rich and varied summer program.

Introduction to the entire program

The goal of the organizers, the association Nature for All, is to revive the Sava swimming and sunbathing area with the famous Babinjak, which once upon a time was the highlight of the Zagreb summer. As Green River Fest has established itself as the greenest festival, because it reuses the past, reduces the present and recycles the future, it offers the people of Zagreb and their guests an attractive tourist experience fully in harmony with nature.

That's why this summer, all visitors to the Sava will be welcomed by a beach with solar showers and sunbeds, as well as lots of interactive workshops, lectures, theaters, performances, quizzes, freestyle, game rooms and numerous social and sports games. The organizers wish to combine yesterday and today with the addition of tomorrow, so they will also revive the customs of the former bathing area with dance parties and Latin parties, pop up poetry and music-literary evenings and a diverse music program rich in many names from the local scene.

If you want to experience how it was lived and breathed at the iconic and once very popular women's sunbathing area – Babinjak, come every Wednesday because that day is reserved for a women's circle – where many inspiring, popular and strong women will be guests.

saran on the branches

About food and other fish details

In addition to the traditional selection of Miss Sava and Sava's Tarzan and the Fishing Evening where you can taste a special delicacy – Carp on forks – there is also the inevitable "guardian of the beach", the 8-meter solar catfish Jura, which will be joined this summer by the crew from the continent, Saran Pero and Kečiga Maja, and solar water lilies await you, under which you will hide from climate change. Thanks to solar panels and solar energy, Jura catfish, catfish and water lilies glow in the dark as the main festival attractions that invite you to hang out along the Sava River. We believe that it will become the most popular photo point and a real competitor to our Vakula in terms of the weather forecast this summer in Zagreb. By all means, come and check whether the catfish Jura and the squaw are just a legend or whether they are about to become so!

A delicious gastronomic story awaits you at the Langosh and Wafl bar, as well as numerous refreshments at the Beach Bar.

Film festivals away

Visitors will spice up the hot summer evenings by watching movies under the stars, because this year film festivals – Zagreb Film Festival, Motovun Film Festival, Anima Fest and Tour Film Festival – will treat you to the best film treats. In cooperation with the Museum of the City of Zagreb, you can expect the exhibition "Zagreb in Razglednica" with many motifs from the former bathing area, which will take you back in time and awaken nostalgia. There is also an ART BAZAR, a corner intended for creatives and artists, who will exhibit and sell their works every weekend – so come and support them in their work.

A special program is intended for the youngest, as well as for everyone who feels that way. In addition to recycled workshops and performances, you will be able to test your skills in numerous sports. The complete festival is equipped with objects made of recycled materials and installations, which are upgraded throughout the summer with your help.