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Author: Matina Tenžera

On Saturday, October 23, 2021, the first Zagreb festival of knitting, crocheting, lacemaking and other textile techniques will be held at the Student Center

Braid on the knitting!

At the Zagreb Yarn Craft Fest, the first festival of traditional and modern textile techniques, you will find presentations, lectures and, of course, various creative workshops, for beginners and more advanced knitters.

A series of workshops by renowned instructors Along with the international certified knitting and crocheting instructor, Adriana Meglaj, you will learn to knit, and Adriana will also present her courses and the O'pleti polygon. Maša Žarnić, an artist who has been creating under the pseudonym Sušena Žemljica for the last 15 years, is in charge of crochet lovers. With it you will learn to carve a 3D star. Daniela Stilin is behind the fantastic brand Stilin Designs and makes handicrafts using the macrame technique, knitting and embroidery. At the festival, she will pass on her knowledge of making plant holders in the macrame technique. Felting is a specific technique that has been practiced for a long time by B.Sc. graphic designer, artist and painter Ivna Hraste. Ivna will show you all the secrets of dry felting. The Zagreb event, which focuses on yarn, is incomplete without the good woolen spirit of the city of Zagreb, ie Ivona Martinčić & her broken woolen heart, the famous street art installation in Gornji Grad . Ivona will lead an attractive crochet graffiti – eye crochet workshop at the festival. You will be able to apply the graffiti picture on a garment or bag, stick it on the wall or frame it as your little work of art.


Wool is loved by the whole of Croatia, not just Zagreb

Members of the first generation of the Association of Lepoglava Lace Masters from Varaždin, who have been making lace since 1997, will present their association. These passionate lacemakers will also hold a beginner's workshop on Lepoglava lace.

If you have already tried Lepoglava lace, it is time to deepen your knowledge. The Idrija Lace Workshop, as an important part of the Slovenian cultural heritage, will be led by Igor Beroš – an experienced Croatian lacemaker, who in cooperation with the Virovitica City Museum reconstructed the motifs of lace from poculica. Igor Beroš also launched the Men making lace festival in 2018 with like-minded people from all over the world.

Two associations from Vinkovci are guests at the festival; Association "Škrinjica" will hold a workshop on embroidery of masonry, and the association "Vrijedne ruke" will organize a small fashion show as part of its presentation and hold a workshop on making embroidered motifs of Šokac sun lace.

Tea Šilić, owner of Igla i kukica, will hold an expert lecture "One hundred threads, one hundred whims – The first step into the enchanting world of yarn", which deals with the origin of fibers and their properties, how to process threads, dyeing, spinning, ie twisting. sustainability.

If repetition is the mother of wisdom, then in the end you should remember the following – On Saturday, October 23, 2021 in the Student Center, Savska cesta 25, in Zagreb, the Zagreb Yarn Craft Fest will be held, the first Zagreb festival of knitting, crocheting, lace and others textile techniques.