Zagreb becomes an open-air stage



Author: Matina Tenžera

A rich artistic and sports program is presented, which awaits us on May 20 and 21

The Day of the Open City project, launched in October last year, thanks to the great interest of the citizens, has been transformed into the Days of the Open City this year, and eight programs await us at seven locations in Zagreb .

Here are the locations and programs in question

At Tomislavac, all people of good will are once again invited to join in extending their hands to each other as a sign of solidarity and empathy, at Zrinjevac we can expect Zagreb chansons performed by Ivana Starčević and Matija Antolić and the reading of Zagreb stories by Marko Petrić. As we continue our walk, we come to " Jelačić placa " and the great choir led by conductors Heda Gospodnetić and Vitomir Ivanjek, joined by the youngest choirs in Zagreb.

At the same time, a dance surprise will be held at Dolac for Saturday visitors to the market who will take a break between shopping and the rush with a completely unexpected program. In the evening in Zrinjevac, a real Plesnjak awaits us with Robert Mareković and his band, where all our fellow citizens will be able to dance like in the good old days.

Sunday is reserved for a sports morning at the European Square , which everyone can join, from the youngest to the oldest, and we will socialize through various recreational activities designed and organized by members of the Croatian Sports Association of the Deaf. A little later, the students of the Zagreb School of Classical Ballet perform on Cvjetni trg .

This year's edition ends with the Enchanted Forest on Tuškanac , where the best Croatian actors and actresses hidden in the secret corners of the popular Zagreb promenade will surprise you with unexpected poetry and stories.

Two days of free open air program

Zagreb will once again become a stage where artists, citizens and tourists, performers and audience at the same time, will share the space of an imaginary auditorium, in the same way that they share the space of the city. Zagreb's past and its present, hidden places and public, suppressed and revealed stories as well as those directly told by the city itself will be exposed in a two-day program that offers a lot of excitement and entertainment, but also presents Zagreb to its residents and tourists through some different, more exciting perspectives.