Zagreb gets its Pizza Festival



Author: Matina Tenžera

Pizzas in all colors, shapes and sizes will be inserted and removed from bread ovens from June 23 to July 3

After many years of success, Fuliranje and Zagreb Burger Festival, organized by the creative agency Kokoš ili jaje, a new gastronomic experience is coming to Zagreb 's F. Tuđman Square .

Pizza Festival is the first, fully digitalized festival in Croatia (orders and payment by QR code scanning and mobile application). It opens its green doors on June 23, and lasts until July 3, and invites all fans of the most popular dish in the world to stop by and taste one of the fifteen flavors.

Pizza enthusiasts will prepare classics such as Napoletana and Romana, but also unusual combinations, sea, foreign, homemade and unexpected. There are also pizza dishes – soparnik and Komiža bread. The Pizza Institute, ResTač, Picnic and Beg's will defend the colors / flavors of this mega-popular dish. Desserts in the flavors of summer are brought by Robert Hromalić, and among the interesting ones are toasted ice cream and Crepes Suzette.

DJs will complete the good atmosphere, and Robert Mareković opens the eleven-day music marathon , because good music is important, the third element of the Pizza Festival. Liquid merriment in the form of ice beer drops, with summer cocktails will pamper both older and younger, because with a chilled drink everything is sweeter. So stop by in pairs, with the kids or the team by July 3rd, because there will certainly be flavors you haven’t tried yet, and you’d love to.

The working hours of the festival are from 12:00 to 2:00, and admission is free.