The last gatherings at Dolac before the summer break



Author: Matina Tenžera

Place market takes place every sunny or non-rainy Friday at the Dolac market until July 12

This week started the real summer days and hot summer evenings that simply make us leave the house. The project that is definitely largely responsible for this is the PLACe market, now a traditional national market that takes place every Friday from 6 pm at Zagreb's Dolac market.

The project that very quickly won the hearts and stomachs of the people of Zagreb brought a top-notch atmosphere to the street, brought back good fellowship and showed that top-notch dishes can be cooked in the form of street food. As part of the project, there is no one who did not cook, and top local chefs can't wait to find a free Friday in their calendars to cook at Dolac. It gives them a direct contact with the audience, a direct feedback, it brings them back to the place where the food comes from, to the very center of the city, to the most famous city market.

Gastronomic offer

After Marin Rendić, Mario Mihelj, Igor Gudac, Katarina Vrenc, Ivana Bekavac, Kristijan Misirača, Branko Kusovac, but also Hrvoje Zirojević and Marko Đurašević in Split, this Friday Matija Bogdan and Marko Palfi are coming to cook at Dolac in tandem.

They prepare their Black Pig, i.e. grilled pork in ciabatta with emmentaler, padron pepper mayo, grilled vegetables, chimichurri and salad. The black pig comes from the farm Sonova ravnica Domagoj Vida. In addition, they prepare their version of the traditional soparnik with cheese from the island of Pag, cucumbers in cream and salad. And in addition to svd, Štampar winery will also offer syringes and half/half gemište.

Recently, Noel , the only restaurant in Zagreb with a Michelin star, headed by chef Mario Mandarić , joined the PLACe market, and although they are exceptionally absent this Friday, this cheerful duo is replacing them.

In addition to the standard, everyone's favorite stalls Al Dente, Gastronomadi, Rougemarin, Meat the King, Arepera Maracay, trattoria Gola, Darling&Shegrts, Vinkl, Asuka, French delicacies Voila, Amelie, Ferdinand dumplings, there are also new participants – chef Vedran Stojanec and Thai Thai who on Dolac he comes with his Pad Thai.

Don't miss this Friday from 18:00 to visit Dolac and enjoy the specialties of this duo of top chefs, as well as the specialties of numerous other stalls.

The place market takes place every sunny or non-rainy Friday at the Dolac market, ending on July 12, when it goes on summer break and returns at the end of August. So you have a few more Fridays left to hang out and have fun at Dolac, now we can easily say – the favorite gathering place of a large number of Zagreb residents for the best street food event in the country and enjoy the top class of top restaurateurs and chefs.

See you on Fridays at Dolce!