The most entertaining museums in Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

Only last year, three new thematic museums were opened, making Zagreb's museum scene even stronger

To start with the most current one, this winter Zagreb got a new museum at Radićeva 14. It is the Selfie Museum, or officially – Museum of Selfie and Memories. Fun museums in Zagreb deserve to be listed because more and more of them are being created every year.

The opening of another selfie museum inspired us to compile a list of the funniest Zagreb museums for you. That is, atypical collections that you would be happy to look at more than once. And which can really serve as a good idea where you can take friends, relatives and everyone else to socialize!


wonderful in the new wave museum

If you have watched at least one episode of HRT's successful film Black and White World, then you have a rough idea of what awaits you at the Museum of the New Wave in Wallachia 67 . Truly a sea of valuable memorabilia! Even those who don't listen to music will experience a quality time machine and maybe learn something new. The museum opened at the end of last year and immediately aroused great public interest, so we hurried to visit it ourselves .


museum of sports events hockey

At the beginning of 2022, the Museum of Sports Cars opened at Palmotićeva 22 . The beauty of the museum is that its mission is to encourage young people to play sports. That's why the entire setup is interactive and everything can be tried. We stayed in the museum longer than we planned and we are looking forward to watching how the museum display will change.


cannabis museum

How much do you like to have fun – on a scale from 1 to The cannabis museum opened across the street from the police station in Petrinjska ? To make things even nicer, the team from the museum does not charge entrance fees for health, agricultural and police workers. Either way, you'll get a comprehensive knowledge of cannabis in this museum. From the past, the specifics of cultivation and consumption, through interesting facts with public figures, to the useful application of this plant. Finally, treat yourself to cannabis products from the museum shop and go home singing!