Three fun races announced for April Fool's Day



Author: Matina Tenžera

Okay, two races and one walk – to be more precise

The first of April this year inspired several organizers to prepare three exciting outdoor events. Each of them is designed as a fun movement with a sea of other enthusiasts. There will also be food and drinks.

To begin with, we are talking about two races, one of which you are probably familiar with, and we cannot know about the other. Medics are organizing the legendary road race "162 steps" again this year, for which registrations are already in full swing. When the Grički cannon bursts, the race starts. From where else but in front of the Faculty of Medicine.

Furthermore, you might prefer to shift along the green. In that case, run under the Hendrix Bridge . This race will start at ten in the morning, and if it doesn't tire you out enough, you might be able to shoot both races in the same day.

And the third option is not a race, but a walk. For those who prefer to drink rather than run half marathons and marathons. Of course, someone might experience it as a wine-drinking race, but the purpose is the experience. Experience nature with a tasting of the best wines from Ludbrek . Sounds like an ideal Saturday, doesn't it?

And don't be fooled – the events that we have announced to you are reality, and we are not responsible for the petty scams that you will hear there! 🙂