Aquae Vivae Water Park opens its doors on May 20th!



Author: Matina Tenžera

Stay home or finally go on a trip?

Today we want to recommend you the best water park whose pools are filled with clean, spring, healing, thermo-mineral water. Aquae Vivae Water Park in Krapinske Toplice reopens its doors on May 20 and invites you to visit them.

6 pools, 1,200 m2 of water surface, wave pool, water slide 60 m long, diving pool, massage deck chairs…

Aqua Vivae

"Respecting all the prescribed measures, we open our doors on Wednesday, May 20.2020. Since March 2015, living water has been living in the Aquae Vivae water park. Available to every visitor in its most original composition. We spent our fifth birthday in silence, and used the lockdown time to do maintenance work. The water park is located on 18,000 m2 of total area, and the capacity of the pool is 1,200 people. We have 6 swimming pools, 1,200 m2 of water surface, a wave pool, a 60 m long water slide, a diving pool, massage deck chairs, geysers, waterfalls and an offer of local cuisine in the restaurant. All visitors can really enjoy it carefree because we have had a high level of hygiene measures before, "said Aquae vivae.

We wish you Aquae Vivae. We wish you carefree relaxation in water that nourishes your body and spirit, restores strength and vitality and is proven to slow down aging.

Find more information on the Aqua Vivae website .

Aqua Vivae