Author: Matina Tenžera

There are few, but there are!

Small, but dynamic, less is more, they are few but there are…. we have the description of this modest guide as in the story. We decided to find caterers who also offer vegetarian dishes this Advent.

And what can I say… there are few, but there are.


begs plant based

We are almost 300 percent sure that when we mention Beg's Plant Based Butchery , you already know what we are talking about. Gastro visionary Eduard Beg is a total hit at Advent this year. Although this is not his first appearance, he and his bench are written about as if he had just arrived on the gastro scene. Advent visitors went crazy with their plant-based dishes . Although he emphasizes that he is not narrowly specialized only in a meat-free diet, all his dishes are rich in plant-based ingredients.

But to make a long story short – if you walk to the terrace of the Esplanade and Fuliranja hotels , you will find truly wonderful vegetarian dishes at Beg's house. From burgers, vegetable dumplings, tacos to sweet treats.

Of all the dishes on offer, Beg's Choco Chilli stood out, a peppery sweet delight placed in a tortilla. Ground vegetable meat with chili and dark chocolate. Sound incompatible? 😉



Maybe the name Falco means nothing to you, but we believe that Falafel etc. sounds more familiar though. The famous vegan fast food from Trešnjevka got its Advent oasis in Zrinjevac. There you will be greeted by, you guessed it, a sea of falafel dishes.

In addition to what we already know, this year they really splurged with colorful vegan fritters . With a drop of one of the delicious hot drinks from the Falco house, mingling around Zrinjevac will be a very very very delicious experience.


almost vegan pumpkin

You will have to carefully dissect the menus of the houses located on the Gradec plateau in Gornji grad in order to find the dish that we present to you. But to save you time, we'll just say that it's a house called Chef's trio, which is located next to the gondola where you can create a lovely winter photographic memory.

In any case, Masterchef's culinary jury trio is standing behind the house, and the dish that caught our eye is Skoro pa vege bundeva . The recipe is written by Stjepan Vukadin, and it is mushroom ragout with pumpkin gnocchi . Thumbs up for this meatless one, but worth it! 🙂