Easter events around Zagreb

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Author: Matina Tenžera

These are attractions that will delight both young and old

If you don't have peace on weekends and are happy to replace the city's asphalt with other landscapes, we believe that these Easter events will cheer you up. Namely, we are talking about Easter excursions that will delight both young and old.

Easter magic in Čazma

We believe that we do not need to explain what Salaj Land is. The otherwise likable and widely known Christmas attraction opens its doors in the Easter period as well. This year, more precisely, from April 1 to 16 . Working hours are from 14:00 to 22:00, and we suggest coming in the afternoon a little before sunset. Even though you have a lot to see there during the day, the real magic comes on only at night.

salaj land easter

At the cottages, you can find refreshments in the form of cold and hot drinks, as well as some fast food, sweet and salty dishes. Stroll the length and breadth of this magnificent property. Let the kids play some of the outdoor games with the animators. If you were in the Boy Scouts, these kids games might take you back to those days. Jumping in the sack, border guard, tug of war, egg hunt, hoop toss. All this is offered to your kids,

If you come alone, enjoy the many Easter installations, but also the view of the forest that surrounds Salaj Land. Admission is four euros, and the visit is worth every cent. Although we believe that the ticket price should be higher.

In Pregrada, customs do not die – for 500 years

They shoot from holsters in Zagorje, you know that. However, 499 times so far in Pregrada in Zagorje, the Easter period has been dignified with a rich traditional program. This year we have a big jubilee waiting for us – the 500th Kostel Easter pistol! From April 5 to 16, expect a pleasant program made up of cultural events and, of course, shooting from holsters.

Kostel Easter pistol program

They are the only ones who will light the vuzmenka

Hlebine is a small village in Podravina, but the people of Hlebin describe themselves as unusual Podravina villagers. They attribute the origin of naive art in painting to its colorful end. Realistically, when you get there you will understand why this may be true.

Vuzmenka PHOTO: Illustration/Zvonimir Ivok

In any case, on Saturday, April 8, at 8:30 p.m., the traditional Easter bonfire – vuzmenka – will be lit at the Stari zanati estate in Hlebine . Staying next to a multi-meter fire is always a special experience, so don't miss to feel a touch of past Easters. While spears were not broken around the burning of vuzmenki in the courtyards as they are today.

Anywhere – bunny everywhere

The bonus event that we left for the end is intended for children. It's about an Easter train ride with one special passenger. A big white rabbit. A special train will run on Saturday, April 8 on the route Čakovec – Donji Kraljevec – Čakovec , departing from Čakovec around 11:00 a.m. and returning to Čakovec around 11:45 a.m….