An artistic race through the galleries that made the whole of Croatia crazy



Author: Matina Tenžera

On Saturday, October 14, from 5 to 10 p.m., the 9th Gallery Rally will take place, and this unique walk through the galleries will once again flood the city with art and entertainment.

Rally around the galleries is an opportunity to explore Zagreb's art scene in a completely new way. This year's edition of the cultural manifestation gathers as many as eleven renowned galleries; Kranjčar Gallery, Ulupuh Gallery, Šira Gallery, SC Gallery, Karas Gallery, Oris House of Architecture, VN Gallery, Trotoar Gallery, Forum Gallery, Matice Hrvatske Gallery and LEXART Warehouse, creating a unique urban art map.

Each visitor will begin their artistic journey at the first location in Gallery Šira, where they will receive a map and mark their first step. After that, they will embark on an exciting journey through different galleries, collecting markers on the map in each until the last location of the Kranjčar Gallery. Those who manage to visit all locations on the last one will be awarded with a symbolic diploma for their special contribution to culture. The galleries will offer special programs during extended hours, including new exhibition openings and guided tours through current exhibitions, and visitors will have the opportunity to see more exhibitions in one evening than any other day of the year.

Gallery Rally is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art, meet local and international artists, and enjoy an interactive and fun art experience. Rally around the galleries is not just an event, it is an adventure that will inspire visitors and leave them eager for new artistic experiences, and that is precisely why it has been attracting numerous visitors to Zagreb and Pula galleries for almost a decade.

Finally, study the locations of the galleries participating in the Rally and try to be faster than us in winning the diploma for saving culture.

Rally around the galleries