The favorite summer event is coming back to Zagreb!



Author: Matina Tenžera

We waited a long time for information about whether it will take place or not, but now we can finally breathe a sigh of relief – Summer on Stross is coming

Štrossmayer's promenade is certainly one of the most romantic promenades in our city. Located at the foot of the Lotrščak tower itself, leaning against the southern walls of the old town and richly shaded by dense chestnut canopies, it was not accidentally chosen as a place of rest for AGMatoš.

Now, in the description of the project, the Summer on Stross organizers write the following:

"Precisely in that somewhat neglected part of the city, Kraljevi ulice decided to build one of their most stylish projects. Summer on Stross or «Strossmartre» brings something of the spirit of that Parisian quarter. A carefully selected music program, art installations integrated into the space, unusual and fun promotions and prize games, a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere of an open-air cinema, painters with their canvases and a glass of excellent wine. This is an offer that the people of Zagreb and guests of our city have been hard to resist for several years. This year, Stross will happily live as Strossmartre for almost 102 days, and we invite you to be sure that you will have a good time and that you will love this space as much as we do."

And we are more than happy to announce that this piece of text will come to life in the summer of 2022! Namely, a new round of Summer on Stross starts in July and lasts until the end of the summer season.

In other words – see you in Gornji grad 🙂