Online show for World Mental Health Day



Author: Matina Tenžera

Tirena Theater will mark World Mental Health Day, October 10, this year with the play 'In my head', but in a slightly different edition – online.

In the current situation, it is more important than ever to talk about how we feel and take care of our mental health. October 10 is World Mental Health Day around the world. On this occasion, for a symbolic price via online streaming on the Vimeo platform, a show about mental health for teenagers ” In my head ” will be available this weekend.

The hit play of the Tirena Theater premiered in September 2018, and marked its fiftieth performance in February. It is included in the project “I feel” which is implemented by the artistic initiative BoliMe in cooperation with the City of Zagreb, and in the programs of two festivals (20th Bitef Polyphony and 22nd ASSITEJ festival), two professional symposia (3rd Professional Symposium “Youth and Mental Health” and 3rd Scientific and Artistic Symposium of Drama Pedagogy) and two events (2nd Zagreb MentalFest and 9th Rijeka of Psychology).

In my head is the Tirena Theater

The play “In My Head” raises awareness of the dangers of mental illness

“In My Head” is the fourth joint play by director Tina Hoffman and playwright Nina Horvat, created with the aim of initiating dialogue and raising awareness about the dangers of mental illness. It is a story about Borna and Vanja, two teenagers. Borna has an important decision to make and as time goes on, he is under increasing pressure and does not know how to deal with stress. He becomes anxious and gets panic attacks. Vanja is actively involved in sports and leaves the impression of a cheerful and self-confident person. But she begins to feel worse and she doesn’t know why, she loses interest in the things that made her happy, she becomes listless, she has no energy, she can’t sleep, she is depressed. Neither Borna nor Vanja know how to help themselves. When we break an arm, get pneumonia or any other physical illness we go to the doctor. But when we are in pain “somewhere inside”, we do not know or do not want to seek help „

The play stars Andrej Kopčok, Marijana Matoković and Selma Mehić. The rest of the author team consists of composer Darko Horvat, costume designer Lucija Prstec Smolčec, set designers Ana Rimac and Matea Lemac, lighting designer Domagoj Klasić and designer Marko Matijašević.