A new hipster bakery smelled in the city



Author: Matina Tenžera

A variety of breads and pastries, traditional desserts, snacks and coffees, and teas are offered

Noel, the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Zagreb, has opened its Bread & Deli store . It will offer daily fresh, handmade bakery products, selected desserts, sandwiches and refreshing beverages of premium coffee and tea. The Bread & Delija offer is signed by Noel's team, chef Bruno Vokal, Nikša Mandić and Karlo Ferenčak , who chose various types of bread and pastries, traditional desserts and snacks for a top gourmet experience.

noel bakery

Noel Bread & Deli thus offers a carefully selected palette of sourdough breads and pastries. Wheat bread, wheat bread with seeds, corn bread, rye bread, are prepared by the traditional method, by hand, just like the popular focaccia, ciabatte, baguetti. For all those who want to treat themselves to a top-quality foot sandwich or a piece of the most popular pizza in the world – Margherite, gourmet sandwiches with cheese and ham or mortadella will delight you at Bread & Delija. Chef Vokal has carefully designed a sweet offer in which grannies and pinca are currently the most sought after, as are juicy muffins with milk chocolate cream toppings, choco chip biscuits with tahini and creamy Basque cheesecake.

For refreshment, bar manager Karlo Ferenčak signs the already traditionally excellent Noel kombucha, irresistibly light cold brew 100% arabica and selected cold brew cold teas Matcha in Kukich, Oolong with peach aroma and Oolong with bergamot aroma .

Don't forget to bring a touch of top gastronomy into your daily life and enjoy every product that is spiced with a love of food from Noel's team of top experts.

noel new bakery