Who watched the first episode of our show After After?



Author: Matina Tenžera

Our guest was Ida Prester, and she told our Bruni many anecdotes from going out

As we promised you a month ago, the treat for the end of the year has arrived. For everyone – not just for the team that will light the lights, but also for those who intend to light outside. Because our first guest, who, as she says, broke the junf, is telling us about – going out!

How did little Ida earn a living? Where did she go out in Zagreb when she started her night life in the 1990s? Did she ever come straight to work from going out? How does he behave on dates today? And yes – where is the better nightlife, in Belgrade or Zagreb?

Find out all these questions by clicking on the video. The show is hosted by Bruno Bucić and Nela Simić , former voices of Stojedina, of which Simić is known as one of the pioneers of podcasts in Croatia, while Bucić is ubiquitous on Open Radio.

nela simić and bruno bucić

In any case… .. every suggestion of the guests is welcome – send us to info@divan.hr who you would like to listen to and watch , whose crazy pastimes you can find out more about. We return to you at the end of January!