Difficult choice of trips for this weekend

Author: Matina Tenžera

We present three proposals, all of which are less than an hour and a half drive from Zagreb

With the sudden awakening of cities and the appearance of numerous outdoor events, it is difficult to follow what is happening, and even more difficult what to visit. This weekend we have planned a trip in the vicinity of Zagreb, up to an hour and a half away by car. However, we still haven't decided where. We present three equally high-quality proposals that will be enjoyed by both families with children and teams arriving without a small entourage:



Roman soldiers, nymphs, goddesses and gods will rule Varaždin Spa this weekend. For the fifteenth year already, on the first weekend in June, a rich and very attractive content is prepared for visitors in an ancient spirit, enriched with "Roman" stories, and the archaeological site of Aquae Iasae becomes a big stage . Excellent workshops and a real musical experience are only part of the program, and you can also step into a kind of time machine and find out everything about the Romans, get to know the Aquae Iasae baths and take a look at the temples of Minerva, Jupiter or Juno.

On Friday evening, the sky above the Roman thermal baths will be illuminated by an attractive fire show (9 p.m.), and the magic continues with a concert by the Sudar Percussion Trio group, whose energy under a clear sky will certainly delight everyone present at the archaeological site.

On Saturday morning, be part of the procession to the archaeological site, meet the nymphs, see their sacrificial foundry and participate in the legion program. Precisely at noon, tempting gastronomic smells will lead you to the Roman cauldrons, and you will be able to taste those fine flavors around 2 p.m., when the best ones are judged. In the evening, around 9 p.m., enjoy watching the Roman procession with torches , which will make a sacrifice to the goddess Diana Luna at the site, and then watch a real treat – a show in the air by the group InspirAntika, the group Traumatic Arts, whose skills you will remember for a long time.

Sunday morning will be marked by another trail called: Paths of Roman legionnaires. It runs through an archaeological site and continues through a beautiful spa park, from where the race continues in several directions. Everyone can run, but registration at www.stotinka.hr is mandatory.

Battle of Stubica

Last year, the Stubica fest presented rich cultural, historical and entertainment content. All the splendor of the proud Gupč region, the TZ areas of Donja Stubica and Gornja Stubica, as an organizer together with her partners, she included in her autochthonous festival.

The good fun at last year's edition culminated in the lavishly decorated Matije Gupca Square (behind the Parish Hall), where this year, along with one of the most attractive amusement parks, well-known musical names will perform. The popular Jole will perform on Friday, June 2, and on Saturday, June 3. Psychomodo Pop . Good fun is guaranteed by Footloose Band, Rock Koliba Band, The Sway band and Boss band, and a rich gastronomic offer by various restaurateurs.

The Society of Knights of the Golden Chalice will return Park Jure Stubičanac to the Middle Ages, where on Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and 4, from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the 2nd Tahi Knights' Tournament will be held, in which it will be possible to participate and see the knight's camp, medieval games, plays, fire show, knight's tournament for the golden chalice, fire fights, workshops – archery, medieval children's games, education and playing medieval board games with participants of all ages, court jesters, juggling show and much more toga. This knight's tournament is dedicated to the historical figure Franja Tahi, the main villain of the great Peasants' Revolt that took place way back in 1573.

In Feller's corner , numerous workshops and animations, shows, jugglers, an educational-scientific and healthy corner, a sculptor's colony, balloon, facepainting and much more await you.

The well-known Seljačka riot attracts tens of thousands of visitors, there is also Summer in the Oršić Castle, Meetings for Rudija and many other attractive events, and in combination with a tour of the tourist attractions of the destination and swimming in the Jezerčica Spa pools, they are certainly a hit for everything you needed for an unavoidable weekend trip.

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