These performances have raised more than 100,000 children

Author: Matina Tenžera

How to explain a parent's divorce to a child? What about violence in the circle of relatives or friends? Or even more likely – what if same-sex love occurs? Simply take your child to the Poco Loco Theater

The Poco Loco Theater is probably something that says little to someone without a child, however every parent’s eyes will shine at the mention of this name. These are four artists who tirelessly entertain your children from month to month at the Ribnjak Youth Center – in the interior, but also in the exterior. Maja Katic, Zrinka Kusevic, Dunja Fajdic and Renata Carola Gatica are names that are not worse to remember. From performance to performance on stage, they are joined by new professionals – musicians, performers, actors.

These clowns walk from birthday to birthday, from kindergarten to kindergarten, from school to school, according to their wishes and orders. When their chambers are empty, they are guarded by Dunja Vuković, who helps… well, where she squeaks. Whether it’s costumes, props or marketing strategy, she’s here. So we brought her in for the purposes of this conversation. What is certain is certain.

You will find out in a few seconds who PocoLocovke are and why it is the right time to take your child to one of their shows and chat rooms. Yes, tickets are disappearing at the speed of light . But in our 12-day giveaway, we bring you two tickets to the exciting show Fairy Tale Outside: Little Red Riding Hood. And exactly the one that is played through the entire Ribnjak park!

a fairy tale for outside

If Poco Loco were a person, how would you describe her?

Zrinka : Punk.

Maja : She has curly hair.

Zrinka : This is a person who is colorfully dressed and loves to play and sing.

Maja : And she is very persistent, she doesn't give up. When they step on it, it goes on.

Dunja V .: She looks at the world through pink glasses.

Maja : Yes yes, she is a little naive.

Dunja : A story with an Argentine accent!

Zrinka : Her best friend is the kids.

Maja : Do you like to travel?

Dunja V .: And parties too!

What did the Pocolocs start with and what did they grow up with?

Maja : Renata Carola Gatica, our Argentine, pushed us into theatrical life. We started with fairy tales, and the idea was to make a theater stage at the Ribnjak Youth Center, so Renata came up with a great concept. Every weekend we did a different fairy tale. It was very lively and interactive. Each time in the story we had a different instrument and new props so the kids could try everything they saw – every instrument, every prop. The relationship with the audience was very friendly and then everything fell apart.

Zrinka : Like every thing you start, everything grows on your own energy, will, resources, overtime. In fact… sustains you the most when you realize that people respond well to what you create and ask when the new show will be. The audience grew in number over time and now we have come to where we are. Many children grew up with us and our stories.

Maja : From fairy tales inside to fairy tales outside!

Dunja : It is interesting that of all our performances, the "least ambitious" ones have survived. We can't afford something bigger and more production-demanding, and we stopped playing them. Everything is in our power. We love the PocoLoca Orchestra very much, we also released an album, but we didn't promote it enough (laughs). But the children already know all the lyrics by heart, so there is no winter for the Orchestra.

Dunja V .: When I remember that the girls started sticking posters on the poles with pieces of paper that you could tear off and bring the necessary contacts… but beware, we sold 300 tickets in one day. We are a professional theater with the best ticket price of 15-20 kuna. And that's why we are now fighting for survival… we just don't want to give up the philosophy we started with …