The world-famous journalist is coming to the Greencajt festival

Author: Matina Tenžera

He is the first headliner announced by the festival organization

World-renowned British television journalist, researcher and author, Ben Fogle , is the first major program name to announce the fourth Greencajt festival in Zagreb. The festival, which has become synonymous with promoting sustainability and a green future, will host Fogle as one of the key speakers who will share his experiences with a lecture on "Wild: back to the roots".

A renowned conservationist, he is known for his passion for exploring the wilderness and promoting environmental conservation through his projects, books and television shows. Through the popular series "People of the Wild", which we watched on our television, Fogle traveled the world, met the challenges of the modern way of living in more than 50 countries of the world, in order to present people who left the city life and started a life in harmony with nature.

Ben is also a passionate adventurer, a man who rowed across the Atlantic, climbed Mount Everest, survived in the Indian Himalayas, all the while focusing on encounters with individuals and communities that deeply touched him and changed his perspective in life. Immerse yourself in a story of courage, change and the wild side of the world told with passion and respect for nature from the personal perspective of this great author. Surely this is one of the lectures that will encourage many to think about their own steps towards a sustainable lifestyle, in harmony with nature.

The festival is being held in Zagreb for the fourth year in a row, bringing together all interested actors who are trying to answer the question: how to live and work more sustainably? The three-day international conference will be held from May 22 to 24, at the new location of the Zagreb Fair, in pavilion 13 .