The animation festival brightened the streets again

Author: Matina Tenžera

From July 18 to 22, 120 of the best short animated films from around the world will be shown in summer cinemas in four competitions.

The 12th edition of the Supertoon International Festival of Animation and Comics begins in Šibenik on Monday. From July 18 to 22, 120 of the best short animated films from around the world will be shown in four competitions in the summer cinemas "Mala loža", "Gorica" and "Đardin", and in the Gallery of St. Krševan will be able to look around and read 20 comics that are competing for prizes.ć

The best of the film program

In the competition of the short animated film Grandtoon, it will be possible to see several films of "returnees" to Supertoon: That damn father's camera! Miloš Tomić, about the complex relationship between father and son, as well as another film with a demanding collage technique, Steakhouse, the latest work of the most successful Slovenian author Špela Čadež , which thematizes the everyday life of the so-called of the little man and psychological violence in long-term partner relationships.

The "heavyweights" of the animated film should also be highlighted: The Traveler, a stop-motion film with paper dolls by the world-famous Argentinian director Juan Pablo Zamarella, and the Chilean film Bestia, directed by Hugo Covarrubias and nominated for this year's Oscar , a psychological-political thriller about a secret police agent from the time Pinochet's dictatorship. Nieto's incredible Devour the Universe, a visually spectacular postmodern tapestry, or the Japanese Emaki manga (a hand-painted horizontal scroll) that tells a grandiose epic about a boy in the jungles of Manchuria is also worth noting.

And films by Croatian authors compete in the most prestigious Grandtoon competition. There are Hana Tintor's debut films More of Thought and Darko Masnec's Greeting to the Sun, and Branko Farc's dreamy Psychographic, Lucija Bužančić's Saturation, which dissects the consequences of the gentrification of places by the sea and the nightmare of the tourist season, and Laura Martinović's 10 Days of Love, an animated film created as a by-product of Covid during the ten-day isolation.

Comics as an unavoidable part of the festival

Comic competitions bring 20 editions of comics by strong established and new authorial voices from Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan, USA, Austria and Macedonia , in the categories comic album, comic magazine and fanzine. Comic authors Krešimir Biuk, Ivan Marušić, Ivan Svaguša, Vinko Barić, Irena Jukić Pranjić, Dušan Gačić, Matija Pisačić, Apolonija Lučić, Agata Lučić, Marin Remić, Jan Škrinjar, Jovana Ćubović and Andrej Julher will be guests at Supertoon this year, and this year's the comic jury consists of animator, illustrator and comic author Štef Bartolić, multidisciplinary artist OKO and Macedonian multimedia artist and writer Vladimir Lukaš.

At the festival location "Đardin" in Robert Visiani's Perivoj, a large comics fair and forums will be held, in which about 40 domestic and foreign film authors and producers, about 20 comic authors and the festival jury will take part. There, visitors will be able to enjoy DJ performances and refresh themselves in the festival bar.

As part of the ongoing efforts of the festival organizers in the field of audience development and education and visual literacy, the program also includes a four-day animated film workshop for children under the mentorship of animators Katrin Novaković and Alma Mimica, whose participants will also make up the jury for the Planktoon children's film category.

Animator Božidar Trkulja will lead a four-day puppet-making and stop-motion workshop Animirani Šibenik intended for students, and children will be able to try their hand at sequential visual storytelling as part of a comics workshop for the same duration, led by comic author Tihomir Tikulin.