Pipsi and Gobac perform for free on the Sunny side of Prisavlje!

Author: Matina Tenžera

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In this situation of the coronavirus pandemic in our country, the Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) has successfully launched its project Sunny Side of Prisavlje . It provided a large open-air stage with a state-of-the-art loudspeaker and video wall in its "courtyard" on Prisavlje 3 and thus enabled live performances for its HRT ensembles, as well as for all pop artists who want to perform during the summer. In addition, all concerts are recorded and broadcast on HRT television and radio channels.

Free entrance with prior notice

Also, HRT provided completely free entry for the audience – of course, in compliance with all epidemiological measures to protect against the spread of the COVID 19 virus, and with prior notice of arrival at the e-mail address: suncana.strana@hrt.hr .

As part of the Sunny Side of Prisavlje project, several recent concerts and cultural events have been held so far, and a dozen more are planned to be held by the autumn – from concerts by the popular groups Pips, Chips & Videoclips (July 27) and Psihomodo pop. ) at the end of July, all the way to Jonathan (September 5), Amira Medunjanin and Ante Gela (September 6), and Darko Rundek with the HRT Jazz Orchestra (September 11) at the beginning of September.

There are also many programs called independent cultural scene in August, round tables and film screenings, a concert of film music by the HRT Symphony Orchestra (August 29) and a concert of the Croatian Baroque Ensemble (August 30) and the like. And HRT is in negotiations with several other big names in the Croatian music scene for concerts during August and September, about which we will inform you in a timely manner.

With all these activities, HRT actively supports cultural events in the time of the corona, all within its public function.

Pips, Chips & Videoclips perform on Monday

Thus, the beginning of next week on Prisavlje, more precisely on the big summer stage on the lawn in front of the south side of the HRT building on Prisavlje 3, will be surrounded by rock spectacles. On the first evening, on Monday, July 27, 2020, the group Pips, Chips & Videoclips will perform, a unique rock band that due to measures related to COVID-19 had to postpone their first solo concert at SRC Šalata until September 2021. Croatian Radio and Television will host the legendary Pips broadcast on HTV's Third Channel.

According to the recipe already praised by the audience, the concert is preceded by an interesting round table. This time it is called Postmen of easy sleep – how to sleep peacefully during the corona ?, and it is moderated by the leading duo: Krešimir Mišak and Maja Njirjak.

After the concert, a screening of the film Trainspotting is planned, and the editor of the entire project Sunny Side of Prisavlje is Vlatka Kolarović.

Psihomodo pop perform on Wednesday

Only two days later, on Wednesday, July 29, at 20:30, the popular Gobac arrives on the Sunny Side of Prisavlje with his Psihomodo pop . This concert will also be broadcast live on Croatian television, so that all those who will not be able, due to epidemiological reasons and conditions on the total number of performers and audiences prescribed by the National Civil Protection Headquarters, can watch on their small screens.

And before Psihomod we are introduced to the Sarajevo Film Festival , so we bring exclusive interviews with directors participating in this year's SFF, and after the concert we will watch the film The Square and an interview with director Ruben Östlund, last year's president of the SFF jury.

The program for August is also attractive

When it comes to programs in August, we would like to single out the concerts of Lili Gee + Mel Camino (August 16), Turisti + Marko Redulić (August 17), Adastra (August 18) and Tomislav Goluban (August 19). .), and the already mentioned concerts of film music of the HRT Symphony Orchestra (August 29) and the concert Four Seasons of the Croatian Baroque Ensemble (August 30).

We would just like to remind you that the audience should register for all these programs and concerts at the e-mail address: suncana.strana@hrt.hr.

You can follow all the concerts through the multimedia service HRTi, whose video library also includes all previous programs of the Sunny Side of Prisavlje.